(Q. 'royal city of sky')

(founded in II 32)

The mighty city in Arandor and capital of Númenor built on a hill near Meneltarma. The King's court, Nimloth, and later Sauron's temple were there. It became the most most populous region of Númenor. important city of the island as the Shadow grew above Númenor and the 'Faithful' Andúnie declined.

The quote below gives a detailed description of Armenelos’s geography.

The land of Númenor resembled in outline a five-pointed star,or pentangle, with a central portion some two hundred and fifty miles across, north and south, and east and west, from which extended five large peninsular promontories. These promontories were regarded as separate regions, and they were named Forostar (Northlands), Andustar (Westlands), Hyarnustar (Southwestlands), Hyarrostar (Southeastlands), and Orrostar (Eastlands). The central portion was called Mittalmar (Inlands), and it had no coast, except the land about Rómenna and the head of its firth. A small part of the Mittalmar was however, separated from the rest, and called Arandor, the Kingsland. In Arandor were the haven of Rómenna, the Meneltarma, and Armenelos, the City of the Kings; and it was at all times the most populous region of Númenor.

In Armenelos was found the great House of King. Armenelos was founded in about 528-30 FiA and was 90 years old when Elros asseded the throne. This means that the Kings' house was oldest building on the Island and was build with the glace of Vala and the hardwork of Maiar.

  • The Realm of Númenor is held to have begun in the thirty-second second year of the Second Age, when Elros son of Eärendil ascended the throne in the City of Armenelos, being then ninety years of age.*

Armenelos was the place of feasting and ceremonies and the greatest feast was held there at the marriage of Aldarion and Erendis. The great road passed through Armenelos to the peak of Meneltarma.

Also called Armenelos the Golden and in Adúnaic Arminalêth.

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