The 15th and Last King of Arthedain. Son of Araphant, father to Aranarth and one more son (unnamed). Born in 1864 (T.A.). Wedded Fìriel, the daughter of Onodher, King of Gondor in 1940. In 1944, when Onodher and all his sons were slain in the war with the wainriders, Arvedui claimed the Crown of Gondor on behalf of himself and Fìriel as representing the elder line of Isildur. The claim was rejected by the council in Gondor.

Attacked by the powers of Angmar in the winter of 1974, when Fornost was destroyed and Arthedain laid waste. Arvedui and his sons escaped from Fornost. His sons took refugee with Cirdan in Lindon but Arvedui held out until the last upon the North Downs and then fleed north with some of his guard. With him he brought the Palantiri of AmonSûl and Annùminas. For a while Arvedui hid in the tunnels of the old dwarf-mines in the north of Ered Luin until driven by hunger, they had to seek help of the Lossoth, the Snowmen of Forochel. Mostly out of pity for Arvedui and his men, the Lossoth gave them some food and shelter until help could reach them.

Círdan sent a ship to Forochel to seek for Arvedui. The Lossoth counseled the King not to go with the ship, but Arvedui did not take their counsel. The ship was caught in a great storm, and ice was piled up against it until the ship was crushed and the ship foundered. So perished Arvedui Last-king, and with him the Palantíri of Annúminas and AmonSûl were buried in the sea.

But the Ring of Barahirwas saved. For Arvedui gave it to the chief of the Lossoth as payment for the aid before he sailed.

Arvedui died in 1975.

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