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Balin was born in 2763 ThA. In Erebor, at the age of seven his family escaped from Erebor when the Dragon Smaug sacked the kingdom and drove the dwarves and men away.

Fundin, Balin's father, along with his family went into exile and followed their king Thrór. Balin as part of this group of dwarves slowly wandered south into Dunland where they choose to stay for a while.

In the year 2790 ThA, Thrór gave up his kingship in favor of his son Thráin. Soon after news came the Thrór had been killed by Azog the Orc-king at Azanulbizar. This was the start of the great war between the dwarves and the orcs. For the next three years was the Great Muster of All Dwarves. Then began the War of the Dwarves and Orcs, for six long years it lasted of which most of the fighting took place underground in the mines and tunnels of the MistyMountains. Balin being of a very young age did not take part in the actual battles but he and his brother Dwalin followed the dwarf armies and aided as they could. It is possible that Balin did take some small role in the Battle of Azanulbizar (2799), where his cousins Thorin and Dáin II; who were just slightly older, excelled.

Afterwards Balin followed Thráin and Thorin back to Dunland and then into the west, where they eventually settled in the old mines of the southern BlueMountains in 2802 ThA.

In 2841 ThA, Thráin with thoughts of returning to Erebor took a small company, that included Balin and Dwalin. left the BlueMountains and started to journey east. Much evil pursued them. They were chased by wolves and Orcs and they were driven to the eaves of Mirkwood, where one night Thráin disappeared (2845). Never to be seen by his companions again. After a long and fruitless search Balin and the company returned with the sad news to Thorin.

After many long years in the BlueMountains Balin joins Thorin's company on their journey to Erebor. On this quest Balin takes the job of look-out and he strikes up a fast friendship with Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit who joins them as a burglar.

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