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Meneg suilad, fellow tolkienists!

I am very happy to have found The Tolkien Wiki Community. Until now, I have spent some 3 years on various message boards (I administrate one for my own country), but this project might be a turning point in my personal tolkienistic biography Seriously, although I happened to plunge into the web only after the LotR films appeared, I am not a so-called movie fan, rather a purist with some affection for the films. I respect JRRT and I hope to remain his devotee all my life.

Since I am relatively young and also due to lack of Tolkien's books here, I have only read Hob, LotR, Sil, UT and the shorter works (EDIT: now BoLT too! And reading Carpenter's Biography). But in the course of time I am planning to read more. Recently I have found Tom Shippey's "Tolkien: Author of the Century" and was fascinated by it. I am also interested in Tolkien's languages, having finished HF's Quenya course and now tackling Sindarin (EDIT: finished Sindarin, though will have to read everything again because I... forgot it. Difficult, it is...).

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Welcome here, Barbora, please make yourself at home, we are looking forward to your contributions. Feel free to contact me (either via my Message-Box or e-mail ) if you have any questions or suggestions for the site. New messages concerning all (or many members) can be found at the MessageBoard. Checking out RecentChanges will show you the latest changes to the site.

Your account for the TolkienWikiForum is already activated, you should be able to login with your username/password. Maybe you're interested to check out the "SummerReading?", a few chapters of JRR Tolkien-Author of the Century have been discussed in the past few weeks. -- WalterCharzewski

  • Thank you indeed. I'm afraid I will not be able to contribute to the discussions (currently discussing The Hobbit with the other group), but I enjoyed that book and will certainly look through the things the others had to say. -- Best wishes, Starly/BarD
June 18, 2005: It's great to be here again. I've been so busy with other things recently... Hopefully I will be able to do something during the summer. I see that the English Wikipedia has several more elaborate articles about Tolkien than we do! This needs to be changed. I also plan to write a decent article about JRRT for the Wikipedia in my own language. -- BarD?

Welcome Back, Barbora! Yes indeed, Wikipedia has indeed a few elaborate pages about Tolkien and his works, though I'm not sure they have more than we do. But be that as it may, it would be nice if we could catch up some... -- Walter


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