Sind. 'great city'

The Dwarf-Kingdom? (known as Gabilgathol and Mickleburg) that was carved out from beneath Mount Dolmed in the Blue Mountains. It could be found just North of Nogord, another of the ancient Dwarf-Kingdoms?. Belegost itself was a huge, vibrant culture, where smiths and masons carved and created ornate designs from living rock and the finest iron, copper and steel.

The Dwarves of Belegost were most probably of the Broadbeam clan, famed for not only their skills in weaponcraft, second only to the Dwarves of Khazad-dm, but their bravery and actions of great renown. It is said they wore hideous masks into battle, most famously striking fear into the hearts of their enemy in th First Battle of Beleriand and the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, alone withstanding the searing heat and fires of the Dragon host before them. Azaghl, Lord of Belegost, it was who, with his last strength and breath, pricked deep the young Glaurung, sending him fleeing back to Angband.

Most outstanding of their creations were the Thousand Caves of Menegroth, fashioned from living rock for Elu Thingol, The Sindar King.

The pillars of Menegroth were hewn in the likeness of the beeches of Orom, stock, bough, and leaf, and they were lit with lanterns of gold. The nightingales sang there as in the gardens of Lrien; and there were fountains of silver, and basins of marble, and floors of many-coloured stones. Carven figures of beasts and birds there ran upon the walls, or climbed upon the pillars, or peered among the branches entwined with many flowers. And as the years passed Melian and her maidens filled the halls with woven hangings wherein could be read the deeds of the Valar, and many things that had befallen in Arda since its beginning, and shadows of things that were yet to be. That was the fairest dwelling of any king that has ever been east of the Sea.
The Silmarilion, Of the Sindar

It was the Dwarves of Belegost who also devised the linking of metal to create chained-mail coats and hauberks, polished, finely crafted that never seemed dimmed by time or rust.

Yet, as with all the great Mansions of this Ancient Race, they too were subject to the darkening days that would unfold. Following the actions of The Dwarves of Nogrod, many of those from Belegost fled their Mansion and made for Khazad-dm, swelling its numbers greatly. They attempted to counsel those of Nogrod against their actions, to no avail. A dark day came upon this proud race on the fateful day Elu Thingol was slain and after when Menegroth was sacked and ruined.

Belegost itself, along with Nogrod was destroyed with the changing lands following the War of Wrath. So ended one of the greatest Mansions of the Dwarves of old, perishing with it much of the beauty and craftsmanship for which is was famed. Many of its inhabitants migrated to Khazad-dm which alone now remained tha last bastion of Dwarven majesty.

-- RayinBangor

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