Grandson of Baran son of Bor the Old.
The leaders of the discontent [in Estolad] were Bereg of the house of Bor, and Amlach, one of the grandsons of Marach; and they said openly: 'We took long roads, desiring to escape the perils of Middle-earth and the dark things that dwell there; for we heard that there was Light in the West. But now we learn that the Light is beyond the Sea. Thither we cannot come where the Gods dwell in bliss. Save one; for the Lord of the Dark is here before us, and the Eldar, wise by fell, who make endless war upon him. In the North he dwells, they say; and there is the pain and death from which we fled. We will not go back that way.'
--The Silmarillion

After this speech, and an answer to it by the Elf-friends, it seemed that Amlach came, 'speaking fell words that shook the hearts of all who heard him.' When later Amlach returned, he denied he had been there or said such words. It was likely an spy of Melkor which, taking the shape of Amlach, spoke against the Valar and the Eldar, and Amlach went to serve Maedhros against Melkor, saying, 'I have now a quarrel of my own with this Master of Lies, which will last to my life's end.'

Bereg, however, was unconvinced and returned back over the mountains in Eriador with those who were still of a mind to forsake the Eldar and seek to avoid the perils of Melkor.

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