Sind. 'brave'

(1) (I 374 – I ???) Adan of the First House, son of Belemir and Adanel and father of Emeldir. Beren Erchamion was probably named after him.

(3) (III 2655 – III 2763; ruled since III 2743) Dúnadan, son of Egalmoth and nineteenth Ruling Steward of Gondor. In III 2757 during his days, Gondor had repulsed with difficulties the corsairs of Umbar, and Rohan suffered after Wulf's invansion and the Long Winter. He granted Saruman the Key of Orthanc since he believed Saruman could protect Rohan. He ruled for 20 years and was succeeded by his son Beregond.

(2) (Ι 432 - Ι 466; died again c. Ι 503) Adan of the First House, son of Barahir and Emeldir, and was named after his grandfather. After the Dagor Bragollach he was one of the 12 last outlaws of the band of Barahir, his father. After the betrayal of Gorlim, he was the one and only survivor since he was far away. The wraith of Gorlim appeared in his dream telling him of his betrayal but he arrived too late to warn the rest. He avenged the Orc that killed his father, and retrieved the Ring of Felagund from his severed hand.

He lived for 5 years alone in Dorthonion chasing Orcs, without eating meat, friend with the beasts and birds. During his wanderings he passed through Ered Gorgoroth and Nan Dungortheb (the only person to do so), and from there he unknowingly intruded through the Girdle of Melian, as she had foreseen.

In the forest of Neldoreth he met Lúthien dancing and singing and was enchanted. The next year he decided to talk to her and called her Tinúviel, and she returned his love. But this made Thingol mad, since he valued his daughter above the princes of the Elves. Thingol in his folly sent Beren to his death, requesting a Silmaril from the Iron Crown in return for her hand.

Beren began his Quest of the Silmaril, and remembering his Ring, he went to Nargothrond to ask help from Finrod, who vowed to his father. Finrod, despite the threats of Celegorm and Curufin, who renewed their Oath for whomever claimed the Silmaril, and knowing that he was led to his doom, he followed his promise. He left the crown to Orodreth and departed with Beren and 10 companions. However the band, although disguised as Orcs, were captured by Sauron near Tol-in-Gaurhoth, and imprisoned in its dungeons. Each of the companions was eaten by a wolf and Sauron intended to leave Finrod last to learn his purpose. However, Finrod sacrificied himself by saving Beren from the wolf that was sent for him.

Lúthien in the meantime had escaped from the prison of her father to follow Beren. She was also imprisoned in Nargothrond by Curufin who intended to ask for her hand from Thingol. However she escaped from there with the aid of Huan, Celegorm's hound. Disguised as a Wolf and a Vampire, they reached Beren and managed to rescue him.

On their way back to Doriath, the couple met Celegorm, Curufin and Huan hunting in Brethil. The brothers attacked the couple in order to ... them from the Quest. But while Celegorm was about to kill Beren, Huan betrayed his master and attacked Celegorm to save Beren's life. Beren took from him then Angrist, Celegorm's knife and Curufin's horse. The brothers ran off, chased by Huan.

The Quest was not fulfilled and Beren departed again for Angband, but followed by Lúthien and Huan in their disguises. Beren took Huan's disguise, and in the form of a Wolf, they entered Angband with Lúthien and went before the Dark Throne. Lúthien was revealed and enchanted everyone, even Morgoth with her dancing and they all fell asleep. Beren cut with Angrist a Silmaril, but on his attempt to cut one more, the blade broke. On their way out, they found Carcharoth awake. Fighting with Beren, he bit off his hand that held the Silmaril. The hallowed light of the jewel burnt his belly and he ran away screaming, mad with pain. Everyone was now awake, but Thorondor appeared and helped them escape back to Doriath.

Beren was named Erchamion and Camlost because returning to Thingol, the Silmaril was not in his hand, being in Carcharoth's belly. Thingol, moved by the strength of his will and self sacrifice, allowed the couple to be married.

The Wolf, mad with pain, entered Doriath ravaging the lands wherever he passed. Thingol with Beren, Mablung and Beleg, started the Hunting of the Wolf. They finally found him on Esgalduin trying to slake his thirst. Carcharoth wounded Beren while he attempted to kill him with a spear and Thingol kneeled to his aid. Carcharoth fought with Huan and both were wounded mortally, and Huan talked for the third and last time, bidding Beren farewell. Mablung slit open the Wolf's belly and found Beren's hand which fell into dust, and took the Silmaril. He gave it to Beren, who in turn passed it on to Thingol thus fulfilling the Quest, and passed away.

Lúthien died next winter of grief and went to Mandos. Moved by her song, she allowed her to see Beren. Manwe gave her the choice of living in Valinor, or living again with Beren as a mortal. Lúthien choose mortal life and she was allowed to return to life with Beren.

They lived in Tol Galen and there they had one son, Dior, the first of the Half-elven. They were seldom seen by others. Beren was seen one last time after the Sack of Menegroth, assisted by the Laiquendi. In that battle by Sarn Athrad, Beren fought his last fight, and he slew the Lord of Nogrod, and wrested from him the Nauglamír. He dying laid his curse upon all the treasure. And when all was finished the treasure of Doriath was drowned in the River Ascar, and from that time the river was named Rathlóriel.

Beren offered the Necklace to Lúthien and they lived together in peace till their death.

Called Camlost, 'Empty-handed,' and Erchamion, 'One-handed', after his escape from Angband and his return to King Thingol without the Silmaril. While his one hand was empty, his other did indeed hold the Silmaril, but this hand was in the belly of the wolf Carcharoth.

There is also an autobiographic component in this story because Lúthien resembled Tolkien's wife Edith, after Edith's death he insisted on having the name "Lúthien" added on her tombstone.


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