(Q. '?-jewel')

(III 1159 – III 1447; ruled since III 1437)

Dúnadan, grandson of Calimehtar. Castamir was a Lord of great consequence during the reign of King Valacar, holding the office of Captain of the Ships, and being close kin to the King himself. Castamir's grandfather, Calimehtar, being brother to {Rómendacil II}? and uncle to Valacar. From his base at Pelargir, Castamir held power over all the sea-ward regions of Gondor and saw himself as the inheritor of the proud legacy of Númenor.

Yet it was during the Kinstrife that Castamir truly came to the fore, becoming the leader of the rebel Dúnedain disputing the Kingship of Eldacar, Valacar's son. Castamir and his followers succeeded in ousting the King, beseiging him in the city of Osgiliath before finally putting that fair city to the torch. It was during this assault that the Palantír of Osgiliath, the Master Stone, was lost. Eldacar though eluded capture, fleeing north to his kinsmen in Rhovanion.

With Eldacar gone Castamir assumed the throne, proving himself a cruel and tyrannical King, putting to death Ornendil, the son and heir of Eldacar. Yet Castamir's cruelty was to prove his downfall, as many Dúnedain chaffing under the Usurper's iron rule fled north to the Court of the exiled King, swelling the number of Eldacar's followers until at last Eldacar deemed the time had come to regain the throne from the hated Usurper.

Marching southwards with a great army, Eldacar returned to his Kingdom, his ranks swelled by the discontented people of Gondor; until finally, in Lebennin, at Crossings of Erui, a great battle was fought between the forces of the Usurper and of the King. It is said that the best blood of Gondor was spilled in this battle, yet Eldacar proved victorious, slaying the hated Usurper himself in single combat. Thus was Eldacar was restored to the throne. Yet the Sons of Castamir escaped, fleeing first to Pelargir, then finally to Umbar where they established a state independant of Gondor and at perpetual war with them, becoming known as The Corsairs, they were to prove a thorn in Gondor's side for many long years.

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