Sind.: celebren = silver + paur = fist ("silverfist")

(Time of birth unknown, maybe Fa. or before – died 1697 Sa.) Noldo, son of Curufin. Most probably he was born in Beleriand under the Quenya name Tyelperinquar. It is said in some sources that he lived in Gondolin and was mastered by the mysterious and ambiguous character Enerdhil the smith. He was the maker of Elessar which he passed to Idril (and then Earendil). After the death of Finrod he forsook the deeds of his House and remained in Nargothrond.

During the SecondAge he was one of the leading Elves that founded Eregion. He was in love with Galadriel and made a second Elessar for her. He was seducted by Sauron and participated in the making of the Great Rings. He also made the ThreeRings, when he perceived Sauron's plan. He then visited Galadriel for counsel who proposed him to hide the Three. He left Nenya to Galadriel and then went to Lindon and left Narya and Vilya to Gil-galad. During the War of the Elves and Sauron, when the attackers broke into Eregion, they captured the House of the Mírdain. Celebrimbor, withstood Sauron on the steps of the great door of the Mírdain; but he was grappled and taken captive, and the House was ransacked. He denied to reveal the location of the Three, and was executed. His body shot through with arrows was then born as a banner by the Orcs, hung upon a pole.

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Annotations and Comments

The Eldar ruined Sauron's plan because he reached just a little too far. When he first put on the ring he said, "One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them." Celembrimbor heard this curse. The act of extending power over those rings caused those rings to betray Sauron. But a more secret plan would not have extended that power. -- PhlIp

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