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Doug did you get my email? -- Walter

If you are knitting me a sweater for Christmas I take a large. Or you can look at my reading list for gift ideas

Hehehe I wonder how you might look like in such a sweater I'd knit....
But, seriously, no, knitting isn't exactly one of my favorite hobbies. As I mentioned in the MessageBoard, the two most active members throughout the first year of the TolkienWiki will be getting a little gift (as a surprise). Lhun has already talked me into revealing what the surprise is (after I told her I have hers already at my desktop), hence I think it's only fair to share that with you as well: It's The Annotated Hobbit (annotated by Douglas Anderson). If you have that already please let me know...

I do not have this book. And I am honored that you think that my contributions worthy of any gift. Thank you -- Doug

Just received my copy The Annotated Hobbit Thank you , Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
You're very welcome, Doug, I am glad you've got it and I hope you will like it -- Walter

Traitor!!!!!! NOW you are GUILTY!!!!!!!!! -- LR ( )

Your words hurt me Lhun I am glad that put that winky thing on the end there.
Ooooo ***caressing Doug's troubled head*** I am sorry! I didn't mean to be mean:P :D ... But, hey! What about MY hurt feelings!!!!---LR
My apologies to you Lhun, but I have to be really objective and it is hard to have to judge your friends and stay friends. But I am glad I have succssed this time, My friend. But look at our new understand that we now have about Ulmo, Finrod, and Turgon. I think that we can all consider ourselves winners!

The problematic essay - fixed Sir, Yes, Sir! ---LR
Are you trying to make me feel guilty?
GUILTY!!!! :P Nah, Doug! Why would I do such a thing? ---LR
Doug could you (or would you mind to) provide me with your postal addy (email)? -- Walter

Thanks, Doug! I must have been very careless :O I haven't paid attention to the spelling at all! Next time I won't do this and cause you troubles (***a very very much ashamed Ross***)---LR

Lhun you don't cause me troubles. The point of view of the essay is inspired. And my typing and spelling is not the greatest either. Also you have nothing to be ashamed about!! Maybe Melian was trying to get across the idea that Maeglin was an iliterate Lhun you must lighten up a bit, If you take yourself too seriously here you will blow a gasket or something.
This is suppose to be fun, not work LOL Do I look too gloomy? :o .... Well, this must be the "wraith" in me! It's just that I like to do things properly and when I make a mistake ... Ah! As for tell the truth AFTER your corrections I found a few more typos and a grammer mistake too ...but even if I tried to fix them it seemed Walter had doen some spell on that page and it would not let me change anything! :O

I'm innocent, honestly -- Walter (Is it still not possible, btw.?)

Doug, may I add a short extract about all the names of Numenor in the respective page? --LR
I am not exactaly sure what the respective page is, but I will trust your judgement and give my blessings. As I have said before add to your hearts content and delete as little as possible You will get no fuss from me Doug
I meant the page called "Númenor", which I thought YOU had created Anyway, now having your blessings I'll do my best to write a sensible entry about the names of the island.
And one more thing - I have just PM-ed Idril about another case of possible doubling of an existing page on TW - about Orcs. There is such a wonderfully done research on this subject and it seems that the TTF-member Elendil1139 is throwing his efforts in vain in writng an essay on this topic. I saw what he had prepared; it won't tell anything new or/and different from what already had been said in the said page The Origin of Orcs, that exists here at TW. So, now I feel sorry for him, because he has done his job...but it will not be of too mcuh use, I'm afraid... Is Idril aware of the existing pages on TW? Because I hate it to play the "bad" and be the one to say "...don't do it because it already exist"... I myself always check for the existence of a TW-entry about sth. that I have decided to make research on and post it on TW. If there is a page allready, I can either add sth. new (as is the case with the page about Numenor) or completely give up doing the research if I see that the entry is full enough (as is the case now with the Orcs - page) --- LR

Anyone who tackles the Orc question is not in vain We had really not put any limits on the lenght of the answers on the Forum FAQ. Elendil3119 was also going to do a question on dwarf women, but I think I stopped him before he got started.

Idril says she has been browsing the Wiki, but I myself am not up on everything that is available. We can pare down his FAQ entry and put the rest in the compendium (which is still marked as ToDo). No reason to reject honest work (I think).

Oh,Doug, how wonderfully quick this Q&A-section is progressing!!! I wish the "Essays and Summaries" could have had the same "boom" of action... Hmmm...I shall have to probably take up the initiative again... Good day! ---LhunRoss

Yes, We are going great guns!! We have 59 questions going and we should be done real quick. we will have to go through them and see what we don't have pages for and get to work on them. "Essays and Summaries" Will have there day when the Fourm/WikiFAQ page goes up on the Forum and people start seeing just what we DON'T have. This could start the boom that you are looking for and I will be ther to pull my weight -- Doug
Yeah...perhaps you're right --LR
Doug I merged the content of your Thorongil page with the already existing one (as a redirection to Aragorn), I hope that's okay with you... -- Walter
Fine with me Walter. I wasn't to sure what to do with it. Thanks for the spell check too

Hi, Doug! Say, it is YOU who is going to write the answer to the Q about Aragon's many names. Right? 'Cause there is a page prepared for the answer. As for the Hobbits -Q - you certainly know that there are a couple of pages already existing here. How about providing links to them at the end of your answer-page about the H? --- Ross

When you mean here I assume you mean the Wiki, you will just confuse me if you mean something else I am going to try to do some original work and, of course, provide all the links I can.

I will be adding in the first batch of FAQ questions please take a look and let me know what you think .. DtC
Doug, I won't be around much for the rest of the week, and since you're in the FAQ commitee at TTF, could you possibly lend the ladies (Idril, Nóm, Eledhwen) a helping hand in case they need some support with the Wiki? -- Walter
I will work with them, Walter no problem.

Doug, I am very much interested in the Oathbreakers and the path of the dead. Will you let me do some research and make a page "Oathbreakers" and add eventually some more information on the page you created about the Paths? LhunRoss

Lhun, thank you for asking, please do not feel hindered by me. Work on the projects that you want to do. I am eager to see your additions

Doug the Ring of Barahir page looks fine to me... -- Walter
Thank you, Walter

Doug, the example in the Tengwar of Fëanor page can only work for those who already have that font (Tengwar) installed on their computers, all others see it in the standard-font. Since I don't have that font I cannot reproduce it either. We could eventually scan an example and provide it as jpg or I can try and download the font from the internet and then make a screen copy. -- Walter

Doug, I did almost the same steps as you have advised. I took the avatar from my PC, posted it at TTF and then used that http-address to enter it onto my Wiki-page. I used your page as an example.

I did the same with the illustration to the tale of Tuor.

I trully hope I haven't done anything wrong !


Doug, thank you for the welcome!

As far as I've understood (I hope I'm not mistaken) you have taken the responsibility of taking care of TW-site and its functioning, too.

Walter and Helmut started this thing and they take care of all the Software / Hardware end of things. I am just one of the Members who has wandered in and been snared into adding content; of course I would be only to glad to help you out with your questions.
Therefore, please, let me ask you for a little help, as I have "bugged" Walter too much already!
Walter has a high "bugged" tolerance so don't worry
Could you please tell me:

1/ The new message in a MB is supposed to be written BELOW or ABOVE the last posted?

I think that you should put the new message at the top and answer messeges just underneath [as you can see here you can indent using a colon and this helps to seperate one messege from another.].
2/ What is the "Summary"-box in the "Edit"-window for?
see RecentChanges? -- Nov. 2 [it is like the subject line in an Email]
3/ How could I attach a "jpg"-picture from a file in my PC to sth. I'm writing in Wiki? I tried to follow the instructions.... but it seems I don't understand them completely or.... Therefore, I need some help in this.
It might be best to Email them to Walter and he could put them on for you. If the picture is on the net, then you can add the picture like this
I intend to work on adding descriptions of some of the books in the "Books"-folder and I would like to "decorate" the text with a picture. I have available beautiful illustrations, both downloaded from the net and me and my daughter's "creations" too.
I can't wait to see them.
Thank you in advance!


Doug I stole your reading list too, it's a great idea, I'm going to put it up as a Template as well, I just hope I didn't mess up yours with the c&e&p -- Walter
How else do I let my wife know what I want for Christmas?

Doug, we're still rather short on essays, do you think we could put your little essay about Isildur and the White Tree of Númenor into the Essay section? - Walter (Sep.16)

If you think that Isildur is good enough for the essay folder then these might fit in also. Nauglamír, Silmarils, BagEnd. I have no problem if you add them. I am just trying to do though articles (somewhere between brief and straight plagerization ) more of a synopsis for each charactor.

Yes, I think they are good enough, and if you don't mind I'm going to add them within the next days. -- Walter

Welcome here, Doug! Your help is much appreciated! Feel free to contact me in case of any questions or if you have suggestions for the site. (You can do that either through email or the Message Box at my Members-page -- Walter (ChW)

Doug, I have added your projects to a page I already began a while ago, I have renamed it now: TolkienWikiProjects, it is in the projects folder -- Walter

Doug, I have created a FolderHumour and a page WikiGraffitiWall, where I put your short essay from the SandBox, for I fear it wouldn't last long in the SandBox -- Walter

Hi Doug, I saw your question and wrote {FAQ/How to delete a Wiki page}? to answer it. It may look a bit complicated, but part of the story is that we have to hide these functions from search engines. The important thing to me is, that we do not have users or moderators with special rights in the wiki. -- HelmutLeitner

Thank you Helmut, I knew that I had seen a delete page button before now I know again.- DtC

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