Ecthelion of the Fountain

Ecthelion of the Fountain, captain of Gondolin and warden of the great gate at the end of the climbing road, the hidden entrance to Gondolin. He slew Gothmog, Lord of Balrogs, in the Fall of Gondolin, but also died in the fight.

Tuor stood then in the way of that beast, but was sundered from Egalmoth, and they pressed him backward even to the centre of the square nigh the fountain. There he became weary from the strangling heat and was beaten down by a great demon, even Gothmog lord of Balrogs, son of Melko. But lo! Ecthelion, whose face was of the pallor of grey steel and whose shield-arm hung limp at his side, strode above him as he fell; and that Gnome drave at the demon, yet did not give him his death, getting rather a wound to his sword-arm that his weapon left his grasp. Then leapt Ecthelion lord of the Fountain, fairest of the Noldoli, full at Gothmog even as he raised his whip, and his helm that had a spike upon it he drave into that evil breast, and he twined his legs about his foeman's thighs; and the Balrog yelled and fell forward; but those two dropped into the basin of the king's fountain which was very deep. There found that creature his bane; and Ecthelion sank steel-laden into the depths, and so perished the lord of the Fountain after fiery battle in cool waters.
Book of Lost Tales II: The Fall of Gondolin

It should be noted that it should be Fountains instead of the singular Fountain as per "Of Tuor and his coming to Gondolin" in Unfinished Tales.

Also called: Lord of the Fountains

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