Quenya: 'Star person'

aka Greycloak, Greymantle, Sindacollo, Singollo, Thingol, Elu Thingol or HiddenKing.

One of the Nelyar, Elw was one of the most ancient Elves of Cuivinen. However many readers have debated whether he was one of the first 144 Elves who awoke, or whether he was born by an Elven woman in a later generation. The fact that he had brothers Olwe and Elmo maybe points to this possibility.

In any case, Elw is first mentioned as one of the three ambassadors of the Elves (the other two were Ingw and Finw) who traveled to Valinor and saw its beauty. When he returned, his counsels prompted many to undertake the GreatJourney. With his brother Olw, he led the third and biggest clan, the Teleri (the Nelyar who followed them).

When the Teleri came to Ossiriand, they rested there long. Elw, being in great friendship with Finw, sought him often westwards. Once it chanced that he came alone to the wood of NanElmoth and there he encountered Melian the Maia. A spell of love was laid on him and he forsook his folk and stayed with her.

His people sought for him in vain and most of them departed to Valinor following Olw. When after ages Elw awoke from his long trance, he came forth from NanElmoth with Melian, and they dwelt thereafter in the woods founding the realm of Doriath and his people gathered about him in joy. His power increased continuously and all the Elves of Beleriand owned him as their lord. His name was changed through time to Elu Thingol (as the Sindarin language evolved), King Greymantle and his people were called Sindar, the GreyElves.

During these days of peace came into the world Lthien, the only child of Thingol and Melian, fairest of all the Children of Iluvatar. Also when the Dwarves came forth into Beleriand, King Thingol welcomed them and by the guidance of Melian he hired them to build his mansion Menegroth, the Thousand Caves and fill his armoury. When Morgoth returned to Middle-earth, he gathered all his servants and suddenly assailed Thingol. So, before the first arising of the Sun, the first battle of Beleriand took place, where Thingol with the aid of the GreenElves of Ossiriand won and drove back the Orcs. After this battle, Melian fenced Doriath with an unseen wall of shadow and bewilderment, the Girdle of Melian.

On the coming of the Noldorin princes, Thingol did not welcome them with a full heart. He would not open his realm, trusting not in an open war against Morgoth. When he later found about the kinslaying at Alqualond, he forbade the use of Quenya and refused any dealings with Fanors house. During all these years of wars, his protected realm prospered and gathered many wandering elves.

But, despite his inaction, he was finally woven into the Doom of Mandos. Beren, a mortal man of Bors house, fell in love with Lthien. Thingol, who was not fond of the Edain and had never let any other enter his realm, demanded a Silmaril as a bride-gift, and when Beren after many perils brought him the Silmaril his behavior towards them changed. After the Hunting of the Wolf when he was saved by Beren - he became more active with the Wars of Beleriand and helped Hrins family during the years after Nirnaeth Arnoediad. But he refused to return the Silmaril to Fanors sons, being bound to its beauty.

When Hrin in despise because of Morgoths lies - brought to Thingol the Nauglamr, he decided to remake it and in it to set the Silmaril. Thus, he called for the help of the Dwarves. They labored hard and, when they finished, they claimed the treasure as theirs and killed Thingol in the deepest cave of his own realm. So died Elw Singollo.

Thingol was fair and noble and appeared as a lord of the Maiar, with his hair as grey silver after his meeting with Melian, tallest of all the Children of Ilvatar. His inner beauty was enhanced by the powers of Melian. He bore the sword Aranth. From his daughter, Lthien, came among both Elves and Men a strain of the Ainur. He was the only Sinda who had seen the Light of the Trees. And though he was king of Amanyar, he was not accounted among the Moriquendi, but with the Elves of the Light.

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