Noldorin Elf. Awoke together with the other firstborn by Cuivienen. Killed by Morgoth in Valinorean Year 1495.

Together with Ingw and Elw, Finw was chosen by Orom to travel with him to Valinor and speak to the Valar as ambassadors for the Elves that awoke at Cuivienen. Therefore, Finw was the First of the Noldor to see the Light of the Two Trees of the Valinor.

Finw later became the First High King of the Noldor, and ruled in Tirion. He married Mriel Serind, and from them was born Fanor in Valinorean Year 1179. Mriel spent much of her spirit in giving life to Fanor, and she abandoned her body the following year. Because of that, Finw was the first among elves to experience sorrow.

As Mriel had abandoned her body and refused to return to it, Finw was caught in a dilemma. On the one hand, his wife was not really dead. On the other, she wasn't alive either. Finally, because of his desire to marry Indis of the Vanyar, Finw brought this problem before the Valar. And in 1182, Mandos proclaimed the Doom concerning the espousal of the Eldar, which can be found in Laws and Customs among the Eldar.

In V.Y. 1182, Finw married Indis. Together they got two sons: Fingolfin (1190) and Finarfin (1230). Nevertheless, Finw always loved Fanor more than the sons of Indis.

The wedding of his father and Indis did not please Fanor, and some said that if Finw had endured his loss, then many of the choices of Fanor would have been different.

In V.Y. 1490, Fanor was banished from Tirion for twenty years, having broken the peace of Aman. When he left for Formenos with his sons, Finw went with him because of the love that he felt for his son, and also because he claimed to have been unkinged when Fanor was under a ban and was not allowed to go to Tirion.

It was five years later at Formenos that Finw became the first of the Children of Ilvatar to die, when he was slain by Morgoth.

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