Frodo Baggins

Son of Drogo Baggins and Primula Brandybuck, an orphan, was adopted by Bilbo Baggins. As Bilbo's heir he also inherited the OneRing and volunteered for the task of destroying the ring. Set out with the FotR from Rivendell and decided to leave the FotR after an attempt of Boromir to get the OneRing from him. Together with Sam they survived many perils, finally reached Mordor and destroyed the OneRing at MountDoom, aided involuntarily by Gollum who bit off Frodo's finger and fell into the Crack of Doom.

Also called the Ringbearer, Frodo of the nine fingers, alias: Mr. Underhill.

Tolkien's greatest epic themes, learned from studying sagas in many languages, are of wisdom learned thru sorrow, and of sacrificing oneself to save ones world. He combines these themes in LotR's main character.

Frodo, a rustic intellectual, an orphan, and heir to an educated and travelled eccentric, sacrifices himself to save his entire world. His reward is not death - the common one for self-sacrifice in literary history - but very long life, lived in exile from his own people.

Frodo is described in The Lord of the Rings as being different from most hobbits. Not only is he literate, but also has contacts with elves and dwarves, which is most unusual of hobbits. After Bilbo's leaving Frodo spends 17 years living alone in Bag End and gradually takes over Bilbo's reputation for queerness. As is usual in Middle-earth, Frodo's uniqueness is also marked by appearance features: Gandalf says he is "fairer than most". Called an "elf-friend" by Goldberry, Frodo is much more different in the very beginning of his journey than Bilbo was before his Great Adventure. The Quest shows Frodo develop into a of symbol of peace, though as a symbol he is not acknowledged in his own country, and more active characters such as Merry and Pippin gain more attention. Perhaps this, as well as the "I will never heal" issue, is one of the reasons for the exile mentioned above.

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