Guild of Venturers

A guild of Mariners formed by Aldarion in Romena, the chief port of Numenor.

Aldarion formed a Guild of Venturers, a guild of Mariners who liked to travel far and wide in the sea and often went to long journeys in the Captaincy of Aldarion. They for their adobe build a huge ship Eämbar where they lived instead of Land. The Guild of Venturers was founded in 750 S.A; 10 years after Aldarion’s father became the King.

Therefore he formed the Guild of Venturers, that afterwards was renowned; to that brotherhood were joined all the hardiest and most eager mariners, and young men sought admission to it even from the inland regions of Númenor, and Aldarion they called the Great Captain. At that time he, having no mind to live upon land in Armenelos, had a ship built that should serve as his dwelling-place; he named it therefore Eämbar, and at times he would sail in it from haven to haven of Númenor, but for the most part it lay at anchor off Tol Uinen: and that was a little isle in the bay of Rómenna that was set there by Uinen the Lady of the Seas. 7 Upon Eämbar was the Guildhouse of the Venturers, and there were kept the records of their great voyages; 8 for Tar-Meneldur looked coldly on the enterprises of his son, and cared not to hear the tale of his journeys, believing that he sowed the seeds of restlessness and the desire of other lands to hold.

The Guild of Venturers grew in status and Repsect as more and more people joined their ranks to satisfy the fire of Adventure that was kindled in them.

Meneldor, Aldarion’s father was against his son frequent voyages and he often asked his son to quit them. But upon the refusal of Aldarion he caused the Guild of Venturers to be shut for about 15 years.

It is stated that the Guildhouse of the Venturers"was confiscated by the Kings, and removed to the western haven of Andúnië; all its records perished" (i.e. in the Downfall), including all the accurate charts of Númenor. But it is not said when this confiscation of Eämbar took place

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All above quotes come from UT - "Aldarion and Erendis"

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