Húrin and Huor were the 2 sons of Galdor and Hareth, therefore being half from the House of Hador and half from the House of Haleth. In DagorBragollach (the Battle of Sudden Flame), both fought, even though Huor was only 13. During the battle, their company was cut off from the rest and they were pursued to the {Ford of Brithiach}?, where they were saved by the power of Ulmo, who caused a great mist to rise which hid them from their enemies. They then escaped into Dimbar, and wandered among the hills beneath the walls of the Crissaegrim, where they became lost. Eagles of Thorondor then found them and brought them to Gondolin. After a year in Gondolin, Húrin persuaded the king to allow them to return to Dor-lómin, which he granted after they took oaths to keep Gondolin a secret. Though they told no one, many guessed the truth. Seven years after Dagor Bragollach, Morgoth sent a great force against Hithlum. In this battle, Galdor was slain by an arrow, in the same place that his father died. Húrin then drove the orcs with heavy slaughter from {Ered Wethrin}?. After the battle, Húrin became the lord of Dor-lómin and married Morwen Eledhwen, daughter of Baragund of the house of Bëor. In this time between battles, Húrin became a father to Turin? who's fate was greater than that of any other mortal man, and (please fill in the blank), who died of a disease when she was very young. at the time of the fifth battle, Morwen was pregnant and about to give birth to her third child. In the fifth battle, NirnaethArnoediad,Hurin fought under the bannar of Fingon, Hih King of the Noldor. The meeting between him and Turgon (king of Gondolin) in the midst of battle was very glad. Here I will skip to Húrin's personal part to save time. With the battle obviously lost, Húrin told Tugon that he and the men of Dor-lómin would hold the Fen of Serech to allow the King and the Gondothlim? to escape. At nightfall, huor fell with a venomed arrow in his eye, and all the men of Hador were slain about him in a heap. Last of all, Húrin stood alone. He weilded an axe two-haded, and every time (70) he slew he cried "Aurë entuluva!" (Day will come again!), but at last the orcs took him alive, and he was brought before Morgoth. Húrin defied Morgoth and mocked him when asked about Gondolin. Then Morgoth cursed Húrin, Morwen, and their children, and bound Húrin to a chair of stone on a high place of Thangorodrim, to watch the fate of his family. Through all the suffering of Húron and his family, he never asked Morgoth for mercy. After 28 years of watchin the horrible fate of his family, with all of his children dead and his wife lost, Húrin was freed by Morgoth. In Dor-lómin, his people shunned him, believing that he had given in to Morgoth. Húrin then remembered Gondolin, and, not knowing that he was constantly watched by servants of Morgoth, gave away its location when trying to find a way in. He then traveled to the death site of Túrin and found Morwen there, who died just hours later. Húrin then traveled south to Nargathrod, and found and killed Mîm the dwarf, who had taken possesion of the halls. He left with only one thing out of the treasure of Nargathrond, the Nauglamír, the Necklace of the Dwarves. He took this to Doriath, where at first he was bitter and angry with the King, but then realized from Melian that his anger was wrong and that things had not been exactly the way they had seemed through the eyes of Morgoth. He then laid the Necklace before the King as a "gift from one who has nothing." Afterwards he went and cast himself into the western sea, and thus ended the greatest of the warriors of mortal Men.

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