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The Second House of the Edain.

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Brief History    

The Haladin, who spoke a different tongue than the other houses of the Edain, came into the lands of the Eldar after Bëor and his house. After being rebuffed by the 'unfriendship' of the Green-elves of Ossiriand, the Haladin turned north and dwelt in Thargelion, the land of Caranthir, for a time. There they lived in scattered homesteads without any lord of chief. Melkor, seeking to prevent by force the union of the Eldar with this new race, sent a force of orcs to destroy the Haladin. A man named Haldad gathered all the people he could and retreated to the piece of land between the Ascar and Gelion, building a stockade to protect the women and children. Haldad and his son Haldar were slain by the orcs, but his daughter Haleth held the people together for seven more days. Just as the orcs were breaking through the fortress, Caranthir came with his host and vanquished the orcs. Haleth, not wishing to serve any lord, refused Caranthir's offers of land, and led her surviving people over Celon and through the horror of the pass between the Mountains of Terror and the Girdle of Melian. They crossed the Brithiach and Teiglin, and finally reachd Talach Dirnen. Some of the Haladin remained here, but others followed Haleth to dwell in the Forest of Brethil. Felagund was able to persuade Thingol to allow them this land to dwell on, as long as they guarded the crossings of Teiglin and kept the forest free of orcs. Because of Haleth's fearless leadership, her people were thereafter known as the Folk of Haleth.

The Haldin were lesser of stature and less eager for lore than the other houses of the Edain, and delighted in solitude, 'wandering free in the green woods while the wonder of the lands of the Eldar was new upon them.'

Family tree    
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Glóredhel = Haldir Hareth = Galdor
| / \
Handir Huor Húrin
| | / \
Brandir Tuor Túrin Nienor

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