Helmut Leitner

Software developer, born 1955, married, two children, living in Graz, Austria. I recently read LOTR and I liked it but I'm no way a LOTR or Tolkien expert. I'm a Wiki-enthusiast and a friend of Walter, so the idea of a Tolkien wiki was perhaps inevitable.

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I invite you to make me responsible for the technical infrastructure and the ProWikiSoftware this wiki runs on. Please contact me on any wiki related questions, problems you experience or suggestions for improvements.

Aug 24, 2002
Suddenly bought The Silmarillion, don't know even why. It just seemed to be the right time to read it...

Must be the evil influence of TheTolkienWiki -- Walter


I added a page for Éowyn, unfortunately this doesn't go together with the sorting in the index. Do I have to create another page for Eowyn with a #REDIR to the correctly named page? -- ChW

Currently any page lists are sorted according to the ascii code. This means: A..Za..z{other characters}. So you have to look for Éowyn at the end of the index. If this isn't acceptable I would have to think about how to change the standard Perl sort order to an arbitrary sort order and to establish a sort order for all the special characters.

Helmut, I was aware of the sorting algorithm according to the ascii code, but it is not likely, that this will be understood by everyone looking for something in the index. Hence I am trying to find possibilities, where the page can be named correctly and Éowyn (or Eowyn) will still be found at the "expected" position in the index. Changing the sorting algorithm is but one of them, (and IMO almost overkill for about a dozen of names that are concerned). I wonder if there are others...

Walter, I hope that a new page sorting solves the problem.

Hey, that looks great!!!

Many thanks for the Ip3... -- Walter
Helmut I am not sure if I mentioned that already: some names that contain "special" characters are not automatically recognized as links (e.g. Lúthien, Eärendil, Éomer, Aulë) others are, also there seems to be a delay that they are recognized (sounds weird I know)... -- Walter

Sorry, that's a problem of the software. I located it just now (all pages that start or end in a foreign character = a word border in regex problem) and I hope to solve it soon .... hope it is solved. -- Helmut

BTW perhaps we should created a page like SoftwareProblems, TolkienWikiProblems or ProWikiSoftwareProblems. It would help me keep all problems and suggestions in focus. -- hl

Done, I created TolkienWikiProblems

Not a problem, but a question: How could I create (if at all) a link to a title on a page that consists of more than one word? (e.g. link to FrontPage: "What really happened"; I tried several possibilities but none seemed to work)

There definitely was a problem, an inconsistency of allowed characters in link names (no ':') and marker names (allowed ':'). I removed this. Let's try it again (The exact title is: "Note: What really happened"): FrontPage#Note or FrontPage#NoteWhatreallyhappened (I'll write a FAQ entry about this). -- hl

Thank You!

Just using this as reminder until you return:

  • [footerfont=Arial@i2] <> [footerfont=Arial@2i] (first example font size not resolved??)
Thats right, you have to put the size first. The software makes a val(string), otherwise it would have to check for all digits 2..8.

  • Links in footer do not resolve?
Now they should. -- Helmut

Hey!!! You're solving problems faster than I can come up with new ones

-- Walter


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