How it all started

How it all started!

...and Walter said, "Behold your Music!" This is your minstrelsy; and each of you shall find contained herein, amid the design I have set before you, all those things which it may seem that he himself devised or added,--and wilt preceive that they are but a part of the whole and tributary to its glory.

Therefore Walter said: "Wiki! Let these things be!"
But when the Membership entered in to the Wiki they were at first astounded and at a loss, for it was as if naught was yet made which they had seen in the vision, and all was but on the point to begin and yet unshaped, and it was dark. And the Membership perceived that the Wiki was foreshadowed and foresung, and that they must achieve it. So began there great labours in wastes unmeasured and unexplored, and in ages uncounted and forgotten. -- DougCreller from Ainulindalė in The Silmarillion --well mostly

More on how it all started
There beneath the sheer walls of the mountains and the dark seas, the shadows were darkest and thickest in the world; and there in Avathar, secret and unknown, Wiki made her abode.

Now Melkor came to Avathar and sough her out. And Melkor said "Do as I bid; and if thou hunger still went all is done, then I will give thee whatsoever thy lust may demand. Yea with both hands."

Now they came to the two trees and Melkor wounded the trees and their sap poured from them but the Wiki did feed. And still she thirsted, and going to the Wells of Varda she drank them dry, she swelled to a shape so vast and hideous that Melkor was afaird.

They fled.

"Blackheart!" said the Wiki. "I have done thy bidding. But I hunger still."

"What wouldst thou have more?" said Morgoth. "Dost thou desire all the world in your belly? I did not vow to give you that. I am its Lord."

Still more on how it all started

They passed through all perils, until they came with the dust of their long and weary road upon them the drear dale that lay before the Gate of Angband. Black chasms opened beside the road, whence forms as of withering serpents issued. On either hand the cliffs stood as embattled walls, and upon them sat carrion fowl crying with fell voices. Before them was the impregnable Gate, an arch wide and dark at the foot of the mountain; above it reared a thousand feet of peripice.

There dismay took them, for at the gate was a guard of whom no tidings had yet gone forth. Rumour of he knew not what designs aboard among the princes of the Elves had come to Morgoth, and ever down the aisle of the forest was heard the baying of Huan, the great hound of war, whom long ago the Valar unleashed. Then Morgoth recalled the doom of Huan, and he brought forth the Wiki, and he feed her with his own hand, living flesh, and put his power upon her. Swiftly the Wiki grew, until she could creep into no den, but lay huge and hungry before the feet of Morgoth. There the fire and anguish of hell entered into her, and she became filled with a devouring spirit, tormented, terrible, and strong. And Morgoth set her to lie unsleeping before the doors of Angband, lest Huan come.



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