Also known as Imraz˘r the N˙menˇrean, he appears in Unfinished Tales as the ancestor of Angelimar (father of Adrahil and grandfather of Imrahil) and the father of Galador, first Lord of Dol Amroth:

In the tradition of his house Angelimar was the twentieth in unbroken descent from Galador, first Lord of Dol Amroth (c. Third Age 2004-2129). According to the same traditions Galador was the son of Imraz˘r the N˙menˇrean, who dwelt in Belfalas, and the Elven-lady Mithrellas. She was one of the companions of Nimrodel, among many of the Elves that fled to the coast about the year 1980 of the Third Age, when evil arose in Moria; and Nimrodel and her maidens strayed in the wooded hills, and were lost. But in this tale it is said that Imraz˘r harboured Mithrellas, and took her to wife. But when she had borne him a son, Galador, and a daughter, Gilmith, she slipped away by night and he saw her no more.

"History of Galadriel and Celeborn", Unfinished Tales

What is perhaps most curious about Imraz˘r is his Adűnaic name. Adűnaic was the common tongue among the Dunedain of N˙menˇr in the SecondAge, and was therefore widely spoken throughout the various N˙menˇrean dominions in Middle-earth. Although the language eventually developed into Westron (the Common Speech), under the influence of Sindarin and Quenya (and other Elvish and Mannish tongues), Adűnaic in its pure form supposedly disappeared after the Downfall--though undoubtedly it survived and flourished for many centuries among the Black Numenoreans. In any case it came to represent N˙menˇr at its worst, under the influence of Sauron: the rejection of Elves and of the West, persecution of the Faithful, Melkor-worship, and defiance of the Valar. For this reason it is highly unlikely that Adűnaic would have been spoken anywhere in the Realms in Exile, and it is even more unlikely that any Dunadan of Gondor or Arnor would take an Adűnaic name--certainly not by the second millenium of the Third Age.

Was Imraz˘r, then, a Black Numenorean? J. E. A. Tyler, in his Complete Tolkien Companion, describes Imraz˘r as a "N˙menˇrean mariner", so it is quite likely that he came to dwell in Belfalas from elsewhere: probably Umbar. Umbar had been taken decisively by Telumehtar Umbardacil of Gondor in 1810. If it could be supposed that Imraz˘r flourished sometime between 1850 and 2050, he could have spent the first 50 years of his life (or thereabouts) in Umbar, and operating out of it as a mariner, under Gondor's rule. Given that Gondor was never able to maintain a foothold in Umbar for more than a few centuries at a time, it is quite conceivable that the use of Adűnaic names (if not the language itself) persisted in a territory which never shook off its Black Numenorean character until the WotR.

Black Numenorean or no, Imraz˘r seems to have been friednly enough with Gondor to flee there when Umbar was re-taken by the Southrons and the Corsairs (this is, of course, speculation). Although it is not recorded whether he adopted an Elvish name himself in Belfalas, he did name his children Galador and Gilmith.

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