Born: Janet West, BAOR, Germany. 8th February 1956 Nationality: English Currently living in Wiltshire. I have 5 Children: 1 boy (Man - he's 28!) and four girls aged 26, 10, 8, and 6. I enjoy: walking, reading, writing, meeting people, drawing, painting, singing, that sort of thing...

I particularly like writing stories, and wish I had more time to do it. I really sympathised with JRRT when I read the book of his letters - the way the minutiae and the mundane kept getting in the way of his continuation of the stories of Middle Earth. I like writing poems and songs too, but I like short lighthearted stuff as well as long story-poems. Internet-wise, I take amusement in posting limericks in the middle of a thread full of long, serious poems. It's the literary equivalent of sellotaping a pop poster to the wall of the louvre just to hear what people say as they walk past. Do I set out to annoy? No, I just test the water, and sometimes it's got piranhas in it.

I am currently writing a book based on the fictitious Celtic fore-runners to the Saxon founders of my home town (I'll say that again slowly! On second thoughts, just read it over until it makes sense) I already have the story in screenplay form (also by me), so I just (just!) have to change it to the past tense and add all the description and narrative that the screenplay lacks.

Before you ask, no, I am not a published author (not for money, anyway!), and this is my first full-length book.

I will perhaps say more (or less) when I know what I'm letting myself in for in getting involved in this Wiki thing.

God bless you all.


Janet's Message Box

Janet, I moved your Bilbo Baggins essay to a separate page: Enter Bilbo Baggins but I'm not sure if this was the layout you had in mind. Could you please contact me about your original layout? -- ChW

Very pleased to have you on board. Don't be afriad to get your feet wet, if you can figure out how to start your own page you have won half the battle.

The Wiki is almost indistructable although I did try when I first started. Luckly I failed. -- DougCreller

I am so glad to see you here! I hope you'll be a worthy member of the TolkienWiki community! -- LhunRoss

Welcome aboard Janet, please make yourself comfartable here. This is going to be your personal Messagebox. Please feel free to contact me (either via my Message-Box or e-mail ) if you have any questions or suggestions for the site. New messages concerning all (or many members) can be found at the MessageBoard. Checking out RecentChanges? will show you the latest changes to the site.

Also I would be interested to learn more about your book-project.

-- Walter


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