Jay Foster

Um... hi! My name is Jay Foster, a 30 year old Tolkien lover from England. Linked to this site from The TolkienForum, where I am known as Turgon. This seems like a really good project, Walter, so I thought I'd lend my support for what it's worth... that is once I get the hang of this whole Wiki business.

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Hey, Dear friend, you are not to disappear completely, are you? Not from Wiki, at least! LhunRoss

Believe it or not Lhun, I'm still here, in fact I never left!?! I'm a regular visitor here, and I've been working on some things. Trouble is they keep getting sucked into my Rough Guide to Middle Earth, which I hope to begin posting in a month or two. My Fastitocalon essay for instance... which is kind of a lighthearted look at the legend... the source of this tale (The red book of Westmarch) just begs the Turgon Took treatment. - Jay.

Welcome here, Jay, your help will be much appreciated... Please do net hesitate to ask and/or to experiment -- Walter

Thanks for the welcome Walter! As you can see I've already begun work on one or two projects - don't hestitate to let me know if I'm doing things wrong. JF.

Okay, I will do just that, if I come across something. Anyway, some hints are in the EditingGuidelines and when you're in doubt, you could always leave a message in my Box -- Walter

Welcome Jay, Glad you could make it. You have nothing to fear except doing the article on Turgon, I believe that one is all yours. --Doug

Hehe! Count on me for that Doug, and thanks for the welcome!

Also a warm welcome from me Jay.-- ChrisC

Thanks for the welcome Chris - glad to be here!

Great, welcome to Wikispace! --Ronald

Just to let you know that I've not deserted the Wiki Space. Currently working on a couple of essays, The Fall of Gondolin and The Legacy of Númenor, which I should have up soon (eek!). Anyway keep up the good work!

Oh... and welcome to the wiki Gamil... -- JF.

Jay, I'm looking forward to reading them, I hope to finish mine on The Great Journey anytime soon -- Walter

Thanks for restoring the FrontPage, Jay! -- Walter


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