Kortirion among the Trees

O fading town upon a little hill,
Old memory is waning in thine ancient gates
The robe gone gray, thine old heart almost still;
The castle only, frowning, ever waits...
(C) 2003 Lord Caelin - All Rights Reserved (used with permission)

The chief city on TolEressa – the LonelyIsland that the Elves also called DorFaidwen, the {Land of Release}?.

“Above all the towns and villages of Alalminr is held Koromas, or as some call it Kortirion, ... Both because it stands at the heart of the island, and from the height of its mighty tower, do those that speak of it with love call it the Citadel of the Island, or of the World itself. More reason is there thereto than even great love, for all the island looks to the dwellers here for wisdom and leadership, for song and lore.”

The name of the city is in Quenya meaning a mighty tower, a city on a hill.

Kortirion was built in memory of the ancient dwelling of Kr in Valinor (the later Tirion upon Tna, city of the Elves in Aman; in the LostTales the name Kr is used both of the city and the hill) and it was named so because it stood also upon a hill and had a great tower tall and grey.

“Ingil builded the great tower and called the town Koromas, or "the Resting of the Exiles of Kr", but by reason of that tower it is now mostly called Kortirion.”

O climbing town upon thy windy hill
With winding streets, and alleys shady-walled
Where now untamed the peacocks pace in drill
Majestic, sapphirine, and emerald;
Amid the girdle of this sleeping land,
Where silver falls the rain and gleaming stand
The whispering host of old deep-rooted trees
That cast long shadows in many a bygone noon,
And murmured many centuries in the breeze;
Thou art the city of the Land of Elms,
Alalminr in the Faery Realms.
"Kortirion among the Trees"; HoMeI

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