Lalia Took

Hobbit of the Shire, also known as {Lalia the Great}? and (less charitably) as {Lalia the Fat}?.

Born in 2883, Lalia was originally a Clayhanger. She married Fortinbras Took in 2914, and later ruled over the clan as "matriarch" following his death in 2980. She was not a popular ruler, and it is said that her son Ferumbras remained unmarried because none would consent to dwell in Great Smials while Lalia reigned.

Like the dwarf Bombur, Lalia was a rotund hobbit who increased in size as the years passed. Her girth and immobility prevented her from attending Bilbo's Birthday Party in 3001. Lalia liked to take the air on fine mornings in her declining years, but by this time she had grown so large that she had to be wheeled to the Great Door. She might have outlived the Old Took, but for an unfortunate incident in 3002 involving a clumsy attendant who, one morning, lost control of Lalia's chair and tipped her over the threshold and down a flight of steps into the garden. The attendant was rumoured to be Pippin's sister Pearl, who was excluded from the ceremony and feast held in celebration of Ferumbras's accession to the Thainship: though Pearl was later to receive a "splendid necklace of her name-jewels," a family heirloom of the Tooks.


The source of this information is Letter #214 of the "Letters of J. R. R. Tolkien". I'm not aware that any further information on Lalia exists.

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