Lydia Bradsteen

I've been a Tolkien reader since 2002, and am greatly interested in the early history of Middle-earth, as well as the actual evolution of the legendarium through JRRT's lifetime.

I join the Wiki because I enjoy the kind of work that it involves, and with the hopes that things I write may encourage readers to look further into the legendarium than they already have. I can't help but feel those who do not give things like The Silmarillion or The Book of Lost Tales or in many cases even The Lord of the Rings a try, are missing out. It does sadden me at times, to think of the countless people out there who would love these works deeply enough that it would change them as a person, and may even spawn interest in language or real world history, but who will never get that chance because they do not know that what they are missing exists. Posting on internet forums or working in the Wiki gives one a little power to change that in some cases, and at the least the satisfaction and hope of making a difference or encouraging just one person.


Welcome aboard Lydia, please make yourself at home here. The hope you expressed above is exactly the reason why I founded this WikiWeb some 2 years ago now. Since then thousands and thousands of people have been accessing our TolkienWiki in order to look up some information about Tolkien and his literary creation and - hopefully - some of them have been encouraged to have a somewhat closer look at this wonderful world Tolkien created.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions concerning the site.

-- Walter


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