Oaths of Eorl and Cirion

In 2509 of the Third Age. Cirion, the Ruling Steward of Gondor, learned that great forces of men were mustering east of Mirkwood. Cirion sent out a call for aid to all who could come to his aid.

The messenger, Borondir, came at last to Eorl, King of the Éothéod. Eorl hearing of Gondor's peril and need mustered the éohere, seven thousand knights and hundreds of horsed archers.

Cirion lead his men in the Battle of the Field of Celebrant, Easterlings from the east and Orcs out of the west. Gondor was being serverly tested. When out of the north unlooked for at this late hour rode Eorl and the Éothéod. And the enemey was broken and were persued over the Limlight.

Cirion rewarded Eorl by giving unto him kingship over the lands of Calenardhon, lands that had become underpopulated owing to plague and war.

Eorl seeing the wisdom of the Stewards gift accepted and Eorl and Cirion exchange oaths.

Standing at the peak of Amon Anwar, the hill of Awe, The center of Gondor, and The Resting Place of Elendil the Tall. These Oaths were exchanged:

From Eorl in the tongue of the Éothéod

Hear now all peoples who bow not to the Shadow in the East, by gift of the Lord of Mundburg we will come to dwell in the land that he names Calenardhon, and therefore I vow in my own name and on behalf of the Éothéod of the North that between us and the Great people of the West there shall be friendship for ever: their enemies shall be our enemies, their need shall be our need, and whatsoever evil, or threat, or assault may come upon them we will aid them to the utmost end of our strength. This vow shall decend to my heirs, all such as may come after me in our new land, and let them keep it in faith unboken, lest the Shadow fall upon them and they become accursed.

From Cirion in High Quenya

Vanda sina termaruva Elenna-nóreo alcar enyalein ar Elendil Vorondo voronwë. Nai tiruvantes i hárar mahalmassen mi Númen ar i Eur i or ilyë mahalmar eä tennoio

in the Common tongue:
This oath shall stand in memory of the glory of the Land of the Star, and of the faith of Elendil the Faithful, in the keeping of those who sit upon the thrones of the West and the One is above all thrones for ever.

Such an oath had not been given since Elendil the Tall sworn alliance with Gil-galad.


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