Adunaic: Tenderer of beasts. However Tolkien maybe intended it to be 'translated' Mannish (Anglosaxon or Norse) like the other Wizard names. Indeed OE Rudugast means 'brown spirit'.

Also known as Radagast the Brown. One of the Istari, along with Gandalf, Saruman, and the IthrynLuin.

Radagast appears seldom in Tolkien's histories. Less powerful and wise than Saruman and Gandalf, his special province--as a Maia of Yavanna--was the flora and fauna (especially birds) of Middle-earth. Though it was felt by some that--becoming too pre-occupied with such concerns--he too failed in some way, he was well-regarded by Gandalf (but not by Saruman), who thought him a "worthy wizard". In any case, it is unclear to what extent he was involved in the affairs of the WhiteCouncil (though he was aware of Sauron and the Ringwraiths, and their significance--and perhaps also of the Ring); and he did not appear to have been as well-travelled as Gandalf or Saruman--he does not seem to have ventured very often west of the MistyMountains.

According to some sources (Unfinished Tales), Radagast was chosen by the Valar to be the partner of Saruman on his journey to Middle-earth. But if Radagast believed that Saruman was a friend, he was deceived. Saruman grew to hate Gandalf, but this hatred was borne of pride and jealousy, and fear; Radagast he scorned as an inferior, even if he hid it well. Nonetheless, he (probably) made use of Radagast's birdlore, and learnt the tongue of the crebain of Fangorn which he employed as spies.

In June of 3018, Radagast was sent by Saruman on journey north into Eriador, to locate Gandalf and summon him to Isengard. It is not recorded how long he spent in this journey, or where he travelled before he came across Gandalf on the North-SouthRoad south of Bree on Mid-year's Day, but clearly he had little knowledge of those lands. In an essay titled "Where in the Wild is Gildor Inglorion?" Michael Martinez suggests that Radagast might have had some contact with the Elves, and so warned them of the coming of the Black Riders. He was not wise enough to see through Saruman's deceits (and so warn Gandalf to be on his guard in Isengard), but it was by virtue of his special relationship with birds that Gandalf came to be rescued by Gwaihir.

Radagast dwelt at Rhosgobel, a village or place at the edge of Mirkwood, near the Carrock.

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