Ronald De Goeij

I am a 22 year old political science student, lured into Wiki-space by WalterCharzewski, whom I met at The My username there is DGoeij.

I was introduced to Lord of the Rings at the age of thirteen, when I stumbled upon a copy of the Fellowship of the Ring in the local library. By sheer coincidence my dad was with me that day and he encouraged me to take it with me. I think every Tolkien fan can imagine what happened next.

Since then I've been trying to expand my knowledge about Middle-earth and Tolkien, sometimes distracted by college, family and a social life in general.

Message Attempt No. 1
Aha, so I exist in Wiki-space now?

Interesting. HellOOO? OOo Ooo???

I'll send Walter a PM from TTF, to inform him anyway.


I wonder if you're still around, Ronald, you're being missed here... -- Walter (Nov, 26)

Yes you do ... Welcome, Ronald!

This is going to be your members' page here, feel free to add whatever you would like to share about yourself at the top of the page. This - lower - part could serve as a private message board for you, the common MessageBoard is for messages concerning all members -- Walter

It's getting clearer to me by the minute.
Thanks for the welcome. I'll try and check this place and the MessageBoard at a regular basis, and help where ever I can.--Ronald

If you need more info about the "creative tools" you have at your fingertips now, try the GuidedWikiTour and CreatingLinksAndPages. Feel free to experiment, you can't do much damage...Enjoy! -- Walter

Can't do much damage? Your words pal. Anyway, I think I can get the hang of these codes, if I'm not mistaken I just highlighted this sentence.
HA. That is all fairly easy.--Ronald

No, you can't - If you go to "Preferences" and add your WikiUserName there (if you are accessing the Wiki from more than one Computer and want to use the same Preferences you might wish to enter a Cookie-Password? too) and click on "save preferences". When this is done, you will see new entries in the menu-bar, whenever you are opening pages: "Difference" and "Archive". "Difference" shows you the differences between the version of the page you are looking at and the previous version. "Archive" shows you some older versions of the page and gives you the possibility to restore an older version - which might be useful if you accidently deleted or messed up pages. -- Walter

Roger Wilco, or something. I saved my username in the preferences as you described. A userpassword would be a smart idea, I use dozens of computers once I'm back at university again. I'll try and create one too. --Ronald

I'm glad you're getting along well, Ronald. I don't know if you have already explored the book-section (FolderBooks). If you would like to add a book, there exist 2 book-templates in the Templates page, one for TolkienBooks anotherone for all other books. You just have to edit the template, copy its contents, paste it into the new page and insert author, title, etc. -- Walter

Well, what do you know. I was able to add three maps to that particular section. Two of which I own myself, the other one is the third in that serie, but I never felt the need to buy it. Let me know if anything I did, isn't as it should be.--Ronald

Actually you did great, the only hint I could give is that in creating links two underscores result in a page-name (and link) with a blank space between the words, a single underscore remains as an underscore. Mind if I change that for you? Btw., are those books worth buying/reading? --Walter

I see what you changed and I understand what my mistake was. Thanks. They are not exactly books. They are more like road maps, which can be folded open to reveal the entire map and next to it, there is a small booklet, with extra information. The two I have are beautiful couloured maps of the regions mentioned. The additional text contains nothing new for the average Tolkien fan. But I find it very convenient to have a map separate from the books and especially the one of Beleriand is very helpfull. And they look great on your bookshelf (they can be folded inside a cover, about the size of a pocketbook) and are very impressive when shown to friends interested in Tolkien and ME.--Ronald

Sounds very interesting, I guess I will have to check them out. Say, have you already been lucky with your search for a Tolkien bio that pleases you? I'm currently reading The Inklings and The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis with great pleasure...

Well, I have read the bio, to see if it pleases me. Anyway, my bankaccount suggests to me putting some effort in work and not in books. And I should be studying for the retries on my failed exams from last year. But I'm still thinking to get me the one from mr. Carpenter one day.

Failed exams? You? - Well that's hard to imagine
Please let me know what you think about the new structure (c.f. FrontPage: Compendium, FaQ?, Essays, Books, Tolkien, etc), I'm still grateful for all suggestions. I shall give it another try this weekend to invite a few people from TTF to lend us a helping hand here (I tried Anc, Aragil, Chymaera, Beorn, Chymaera, Gamil, Gothmog, Grond, Ponti and RD so far), can you think of anyone else who might be interested in this? Did you get to read some of the E.G.B.T. threads?

I guess I was too late for the E.G.B.T. (whatever that may be), the link you sent me, didn't work (anymore) this morning. I like the current front page better, with the different aspects of this site brought forward. I think I'll start recruiting by leaving a note in the Periaur Guild, maybe they're interested.

That is weird, I still seem to have access to it, it's a separate section for the staff, the name is explained: Evil Geniusses for a Better Tomorrow and I wasn't really pleased about some things I read there.

Ronald, I'm happy to meet you here. I'm the one to blame, when the server or software isn't working as expected. I hope you will enjoy the wiki. -- HelmutLeitner

Aha, a person to complain to. I like that. So far I'm somewhat fascinated by this Wiki-concept and overwhelmed by the thought of how much work this is going to take. But I'll do my best. --Ronald

I also welcome you to this Wiki. Have fun here. I'm the one to ...... uhm .....äh..... -- ChrisC

Tickle? Ask to bring tea? Talk to in a very smug way, because I'm older?

As for the Lotho page: all I did was adding those 2 lines to the page you created (without the "linex:"):

  line2:FolderCharacters FolderHobbits FolderCompendium

For further notes about the categorizing please see the EditingGuidelines.

As for the redirection of the Sackville-Baggins page you just wouldn't have had to add the curly braces to the pagename. So, the page with the redirection command should look either(without the "linex:"):

  line1:#REDIRECT Sackville-Bagginses
or e.g. if you would like to create an "alias-page" for Olórin that redirects to Gandalf AND lists Olorin in the Compendium Folder you could add 4 lines (without the "linex:"):

  line1:#REDIRECT Gandalf

I hope this helps you some, in case of further questions just leave a note in my message-box, it won't remain unnoticed there for long. And, btw. don't worry if you forget to add that at times, in this case someone else will do it for you... -- Walter

Ronald, Walter passed the questions you mailed to me and I wrote FAQ entries for them. Yesterday I notized that you had a problem with pagenames like {{...}} in the redirection (they didn't work) - I removed the curly braces to make your redirection work and afterwards made the software tolerate them. It must have been pretty confusing for you, Sorry. -- Helmut

Thanks, yes it was rather frustrating. I was darn sure I did the right thing, and it didn't work. But I've survived. --Ronald


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