A Nandorin Elf, one of the chief counsellors of Thingol in Doriath.

When Túrin was adopted by Thingol as a foster-son, most of the Elves accepted this.

Yet there was one who begrugded him this, and ever the more as Túrin drew nearer to manhood: Saeros, son of Ithilbor, was his name. He was of the Nandor, being one of those who took refuge in Doriath after the fall of their lord Denethor upon Amon Ereb in the first battle of Beleriand. These Elves dwelt for the most part in Arthórien, between Aros and Celon and in the wild lands beyond; and they were no friends to the Edain since their passage through Ossiriand and settlement in Estolad. But Saeros dwelt mostly in Menegroth, and won the esteem of the king; and he was proud, dealing haughtily with those whom he deemed of lesser state and worth than himself. He became a friend of Daeron the minstrel, for he also was skilled in song, and had no love for Men, and least of all for any kinsman of Beren Erchamion. "Is it not strange," said he, "that this land should be opened to yet another of this unhappy race? Did not the other do harm enough in Doriath?" Therefore he looked askance at Túrin and on all that he did, saying what ill he could of it, but his words were cunning and his malice veiled. If he met with Túrin alone, he spoke haughtily to him, and showed plain his contempt; and Túrin grew weary of him, though for long he returned ill words with silence, for Saeros was great among the people of Doriath and a consellor of the king. But the silence of Túrin displeased Saeros as much as his words.
Narn I Hîn Húrin, Unfinished Tales

On a time, when Túrin was grown to manhood and returned to Doriath from war with the Orcs, he came to dinner with the King. There Saeros insulted him, saying, "If the Men of Hithlum are so wild and fell, of what sort are the women of that land? Do they run like deer clad only in their own hair?" At this, Túrin abandoned his restraint and threw a drinking vessel at Saeros, wounding him. The next day, as Túrin left Menegroth, Saeros ambushed Túrin with shield and drawn sword. Túrin bested him but after disarming Saeros did not kill him. Túrin stripped Saeros and pursued him through the woods, where Saeros fell into a stream and landed on a rock, killing him. Others coming upon the scene assumed Túrin had murdered Saeros, leading Túrin to flee, believing himself an outlaw.

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