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ShNar-gRu is a character I'd created many years ago on the Beleriand MUSH, a 1st age text-based online RPG and ShNar-gRu was a scrawny, tracking Orc that spoke with a lisp. Since then, "shnar" is such a unique name I've always used it for my online names, but I've never used the full ShNar-gRu name, just rather the shorter, easier to remember, shnar name. For Wiki, since I need two caps, rather than "shnar" I decided to use ShNar-gRu, which has plenty of caps

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Hi....One with the most difficult name I have ever met online! Welcome to TW! What have you brought to the project? If you're interested mostly in the pre - and - FirstAge - period, I'm then more than happy that you're here. In fact, every and each period, character and whatever other detail deserves attention! Right? I hope to see you soon "in action"! --LhunRoss

Yeah, if you un-cap the name, it's not so hard to pronounce: shnar gru. And the shortened version of just shnar is very easy.

I was intrigued by this site because it's Tolkien related and since I've yet to do anythign Wiki-related, I figured this would be a good introduction of it to me. I love Tolkien's works, read them on about a yearly basis, have even read them in a foreign language (French). I try just about any Tolkien related game, and may even consider learning some of his languages. There are some pretty decent TolkiensLanguages websites if anyone wants to learn Sindarin or Quenya.

Being Wiki, this is interesting. I hope I can contribute. Probably my greatest knowledge is with the various games related to LotR, but I didn't see a section in the FolderFolders. Not being terribly familiar with Wiki, is there any way to create a new Folder? Or I guess just a new topic, like TolkienGames?


Shnar, as I see, you are well into Tolkien's works! I understand your love for RPG-s but ... if I'm not mistaken (the Host will know it better! ) the TW-project would not host RPG-s. You see, this is intended to be a knowledge-base about anything and everything Tolkien-related, submitted in an encyclopedia-style. If you find it OK with you, you may as well look through the Index page where you'll find what entries have been done so far. Thousands more, however, are needed. Now... if you're interested, you're welcome to submit information. You know..on the surface it may look not that much fun, but isn't it thrilling to know that you may enter a team that is building a whole new "Tolkien-encyclopedia"?! -- LhunRoss

Welcome shnar I wouldn't mind a page dedicated to LotR games, but as Lhun said it, this site is mainly dedicated to the literary works of J.R.R. Tolkien. -- WalterCharzewski

Yes, I don't meant to "host" any RPGs, but rather a section that simply describes the many different games that have existed based on Tolkien's world. This would set from RPGs to Computer games, to original Board Games, to themed games (like LotR Monopoly), to Card Games, to Miniature Games, to Choose-your-own-adventure books, to Online games, etc. These would be "Encycolopidic" entries too, just basically something describing the game, that's all.

If however we want to keep this encycolopia entries strictly on people/events from Tolkien's novels, then no problem. Was just a thought.

- ShNar-gRu

Hey! I find this a very interesting idea!....Can you do it, Shnar?...What do you say, Mr.Host? I would vote "for"! --LR
I say the same I said above - I'm fine with it I opened a page TolkienGames, feel free to create one sub-page per game.

The wonderful thing about Wiki, if you think it'll help the community, just do it! The community will eventually tell you if they don't want it (i.e. they'll remove it).

- ShNar-gRu

P.S. This will be my first forray into Wiki page creation (with TolkienGames/MiddleEarthRolePlaying being my first page), so please excuse me while I bumble and stumble for a bit.

No problem I've opened a few Folders in the TolkienGames so that the sub-pages can be categorized. -- Walter

First, I apologize for not having done much here in the past little while. Seeing how cool Wiki is, I decided to open my own Wiki site for an LotR Miniature game from Games Workshop. Check it out at

I do intend to work on the TolkienGames list, as I know of and own most of the LotR based games. It's just now I find my freetime drying up, so it will take me a while to get there. Thanks for any patience accorded to me

- ShNar-gRu

Welcome back! I've stumbled across your JediWars/LotrWiki? site once or twice, it's developing quite well, I believe. And thanks for the Link there -- Walter


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