Stars of Arda

Alcarinquë 'The Glorious', name of a star.

Borgil A red star which rises after the Remirrath and before Menelmacar (FotR) possibly Betelgeuse or Aldebaran

Carnil Name of a (red) star.

Elemmírë Name of a star.

Gil-Estel 'Star of Hope', Sindarin name for Eärendil bearing the Silmaril in his ship Vingilot. most likely Venus

Helluin The star Sirius.

Luinil Name of a star (one shining with a blue light). Neptune? (but Neptune is not really visible to the naked eye. . . ?)

Lumbar Name of a star.

Nénar Name of a star.

Anarríma Name of a constellation.

Menelmacar 'Swordsman of the Sky', the constellation Orion.
...Menelmacar with his shining belt, that forebodes the Last Battle that shall be at the end of days."

Remirrath A constellation, mentioned in FotR. most likely the Pleides

Soronúmë Name of a constellation. possibly Aquila, the root SORO means 'eagle'

Telumendil Name of a constellation.

Valacirca 'The Sickle of the Valar', name of the constellation of the Great Bear.
And high in the north as a challenge to Melkor she set the crown of seven mighty stars to swing, Valacirca, the Sickle of the Valar and sign of doom.

Wilwarin Name of a constellation. The word meant 'butterfly' in Quenya, and the constellation was perhaps Cassiopeia.

There are various identities for these stars and constellations, any speculative information is in italics. All other information is from the published Silmarillion unless noted otherwise.

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