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  1. What was this stone?
  2. Why did Isildur bring it(a stone with a diameter of 10 foot or more)?
  3. What does it signify?

Some comments

In front of it the King of the people of the Mountains (most probably the local population of the Vale of the river Morthond and the mountain EredNimrais) swore allegiance to Isildur taking an oath to be an ally of Gondor against Sauron. (see Oathbreakers)

The Stone of Erech itself, however, is a mysterious item. Could it be a Palantír?

It is known that the Seven Seeing Stones brought by the ships of the Faithful from Numenor were divided, as follows:

“The Palantíri, or Seven Stones of Sight, were divided, and set up in towers: three in Arnor, at Annuminas, and at AmonSûl, and upon the Emyn Beraid looking towards the Sea; four in the realm of Gondor, at Osgiliath, at MinasIthil, at MinasAnor, and at Orthanc in Angrenost (Isengard).

Nothing about Erech!

Yet on the other hand, the Stone of Erech was black and round as a globe:

For upon the top stood a black stone, round as a great globe, the height of a man, though its half was buried in the ground. Unearthly it looked, as though it had fallen from the sky, as some believed; but those who remembered still the lore of Westernesse told that it had been brought out of the ruin of Númenor and there set by Isildur at his landing.
The Return of the King - The Passing of the Grey Company

Compare :

“They (the Palantíri) were perfect spheres, appearing when at rest to be made of solid glass or crystal deep black in hue..”

And to think of it, what other stone, if not a Palantír, could have been of such a great value to Isildur that he would have worshiped so greatly that he made the King of the people of the Mountains take a most solemn oath precisely in front of it?!


“… at Erech there stands yet a black stone that was brought, it was said, from Númenor by Isildur; and it was set upon a hill"

What other stone, if not a Palantír, could have Isildur brought to Middle-earth from Númenor? There is no information about any other item of similar features that had been saved from the drowning of the isle, except for the Palantíri.

It is also known that some of the Palantíri were of a very large size and the Stone of Erech was a very large one indeed.

So, even if it is particularly said that the Faithful had saved and brought to Middle-earth no more than seven Palantíri, the stone placed on Erech resembles so much in features and importance a Seeing Stone, that one might think of it as an eighth Palantír, not mentioned in the story, or just forgotten to be developed into a story.

Could it be?


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