The Remarkable Belladonna Took

Warning this is a work in progress

The history books would read; Mrs. Bungo Baggins, Mother of Bilbo the Ringbearer, and we would have to be happy with that. But we are not happy with that entry at all. We have hints and teases out of the Red Book about Belladonna Took that get you thinking. Belladonna was called famous and also called remarkable, but the line that is the most tantilizing is this one

Not that Belladonna Took had any adventures after she became Mrs. Bungo Baggins.
This would suggest to me that Belladonna was very smart (definatly), pretty (probably), and adventurous (most definitly).

(It also applies the medieval rule that married people have commitments and don't rove...)

From the very little that has been said of Belladonna I have made some speculations and conjectures about what her story was.

Here are the facts:

  1. She was the oldest daughter of Gerontius Took.
  2. She was rememberd fondly by Gandalf.
  3. She gave birth to Bilbo at the age of 38.
  4. Her younger brother Isengar is said to have gone to sea in his youth. We know the date of Isengar's death so he must have survived to return to the Shire.
Not the Gandalf who was responsible for many quiet young lads and lasses going off into the Blue for mad adventures? Anything from climbing trees to visiting elves - or sailing in ships, sailing to other shores! Bless me, life use to be quite inter - I mean, you use to upset things badly in these parts once upon a time.
The Hobbit, The Unexpected Party
Here are the some speculations:
  1. Being remembered fondly by Gandalf they must have been friends.
  2. Perhaps Belladonna and Isengar were two of these lads and lasses the traveled with Gandalf.
  3. Maybe they went with Gandalf to the Grey Havens to visit elves and sail ships to other shores.
These kinds of adventures would not be in the same league as Bilbo's and Frodo's adventures but adventures nonetheless.

Another speculation that I have considered about Belladonna is that she and Camellia Sackville were less than friendly to each other and this turned into the feud between the Bagginses and the Sackville-Bagginses. and I imagine that this fued was centered around Bag End. Would not Bag End be the envy of every female hobbit that had ever heard of it?

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