Middle Earth Role Playing

Iron Crown Enterprises created a role playing game set in Middle-earth called the Middle Earth Role Playing game, or MERP for short. The game was based on their realistic Role-Master system and ran for almost twenty years before Tolkien Enterprises revoked the license and bankrupted the company.

After that, the rights for Middle Earth Role Play games where bought by Decipher, who created another different role play game. Many fans are in the opinion that Decipher's MERP isn't as good as the ICE version, because it's very similar to the film. People who didn't want to use the Decipher Variant, translated the modules so they can be used with the rules of other Pen & Paper role play games.

For the Iron Crown Enterprises (short ICE) MERP over 100 modules/expansions were created. In MERP a 1-100(%) dice is used for the performable actions.

Today it's very complicated to get "original" ICE Middle Earth Role Play games, one of the last sources is ebay where these are sold at outrageous prices.

Some modules are legally available on different Web-Pages?, but many of them are also available on illegal file sharing networks. These modules are most often pdf files.

A comprehensive listing of all the different modules that IronCrown produced can be found at

Other interesting informations, pictures, modules and other downloads are available at

It appears that the chapter-one merp listing has been removed after all these years. Quite a shame actually, as it was very complete and useful for any MERP fans. There is a backup of sorts of the game at though some of the links are broken.

I've emailed the author to find out why it's down and if it's possible to get source to host on my site, but for now the web archive will have to do.



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