Two Towers Mud

The Two Towers Mud


Telnet-Server: Port: 9999

What is a Mud? - Mud is the short form of "Multi User Dungeon". It is a textadventure which you play on the internet using a telnet client or a special mud client I am using the Monkey Term Mud Client which has a lot of great features.

What do you have to do? - In The Two Towers, your quest is that of Bilbo and Frodo, to find and destroy the One Ring (although Bilbo did not actually know that it was his quest, at the time).

When you first connect to the game you have to create a new user. This is a very easy and uncomplicated procedure which is easily done in one minute. Important to mention is, that you're not allowed to use names from the Tolkien Books because many of them are already included as NPC's (Non-Player-Characters?). After you found a name, you have to choose which race you want to take. This is a very important step where you should decide wisely because it has an influence on what profession you will have to select in game.

You can choose to be a Free Race or an Evil Race. The Free races include Dunlending, Dunedain, Eorling, Edain, Hobbit, Dwarf, Silvan and Sindar. The Evil races are Uruk-hai, Easterling, Variag, Haradrim and Black Numenorean

Every race has it's own skills. The sindar for example are very good wizards, but they are not as strong as the dwarfs for example. If you want to be a thief in the future you should take hobbit as race. If you want to find out more about these races, simply type "help races" in-game or look in the help section of the website.

You do not choose a profession when you create your character, instead you must locate a trainer which will train you. The best resource for trainers is to ask other players online.

Travelling in this Mud normally works with the directions east, north, west or south and down, up, out and enter. At special places you can find so-called "signposts" where you can easily travel from one place to another with the "travelto" command.

Your starting town depends on which race you took. As a sindar for example you start in GreyHavens.

At the beginning you have to upgrade your skills. This happens by fighting against easy opponents like squirrels, seagulls or cats. When you got stronger you also have to fight orcs, wraiths and many other types of creatures.

Quests: But you don't only fight creatures in this game. You also have to solve quests, which you get from the different NPC's.

Maps: To make things easier there exist some websites, where you find maps to this game. There are maps available at their website, also some good ones are here:

This website: mostly contains highly detailed maps to the different cities.

If you have got questions, please put them here:

Everyone who decides to join this game, please enter his game-name here, it would be funny to have some adventures together

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