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Well, hi everybody! I see some people I know and I am glad to meet them here. Actually I came here because of Lhun and the TolkienWikiForum. I am a member of for more than two years and a member of The TolkienWikiForum since its beginning. I must confess that I am bored in a way from my forum membership and I am looking for something else like The TolkienWikiCommunity.

I am from Plovdiv, Bulgaria - the second biggest city in the country and maybe the most beautiful one. Now I am a student at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium) and I am spending most of my time in Leuven. I used to work as a professional DJ in Bulgaria but now my studies are of greatest importance and I am DJ-ing only in my free time.

I have too many interests and it is impossible to tell something about all of them. I suppose my extreme curiosity should be blamed for this.

I read for first time LotR about 4 years ago. Then I read The Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales. In the spring of 2002 I started reading them in English. Later I started reading BoLT 1&2 and The Letters as well as some parts of HoMe but I have not finished them yet. Since I came to Belgium I have been too busy with studying and working. The books I have read since September 2003 are mainly concerning my studies and the projects I am working on . Although I cannot fall asleep without reading a book I just do not have time for reading Tolkien. I hope that my situation will change soon (everybody should go through the way I am walking now-so I have to keep walking ) But still I have my cognition in Tolkien and his world and I would very much like to use it here.

MAIL maksim_baldzhiev (AT)

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Hi, there GG! --LR

Welcome, welcome GG! --Leif

Hello and welcome here The TolkienWiki is a bit different from the Tolkien related Fora you have been frequenting until now, since its main purpose is to represent a huge Tolkien-related knowledgebase and provide as much quality information about Tolkien and his literary works as possible. But of course contributing here should be fun and interesting as well. Please make yourself familiar with the Wiki, the way it works and the habits around here.

That said I need to mention that having Gil-Galad as a username will not be possible since it collides with Tolkien's character of the same name. Please see WikiUserName for more details. I would suggest that you use your real name here as many other members do, but this only a suggestion and not mandatory.

I am looking forward to your contributions!

-- WalterCharzewski


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