Towers of the Palantíri

The Palantíri were made by Feanor in Aman. There were seven Palantíri. Two were lost in the shipwreck of Arvedui Last King, and others were lost as well.

Note: See also The Palantíri and Of the Palantíri

The Elendil stone was located on EmynBeraid, in the West of Eriador. It was placed in the tower of Elostirion, said to be the highest of the WhiteTowers. There is reference to a "Master Stone" which the Elendil stone looked to in the Tower of Avallónë on TolEressëa.

The Orthanc stone was kept in the Tower of Orthanc, made of unbreakable rock. Orthanc was built by the Numenoreans. It was later used by Saruman, who was given possesion of it by Beren, the ruling Steward in Gondor at the time. It was one of the Towers of Gondor (MinasIthil, MinasAnor and Orthanc.)

A peak and isle of rock it was, black and gleaming hard: four mighty piers of stone were welded into one, but near the summit they opened into gaping horns, their pinnacles sharp as the points of spears, keen edged as knives.

The Ithil Stone was kept in MinasIthil, the '{Tower of the Moon}?.' It was taken by Sauron when he took the tower. MinasIthil later became MinasMorgul. Home to Isildur, it was taken by Sauron in the year 3429 of the SecondAge.

The Anor Stone was that used by Denethor. It was kept in a high chamber in MinasTirith.

...The White Tower of Ecthelion, standing high within the topmost wall, shone out against the sky, glimmering like a spike of pearl and silver, tall and fair and shapely, and its pinnacles glittered as if it were wrought of crystals.

Neither UT, The Silmarillion, or LotR gave exact information as to where the palantir was placed, but it is said that often Denethor would retire to a high chamber.

The Annuminas Stone was kept in Annuminas, also called the Tower Of The West. The first capital of Arnor, it was next to LakeNenuial. It was the ancient seat of the kings of Arnor. Aragorn later restored it to its former glory. The Annuminas Stone was lost with the shipwreck of Arvedui Last King.

The Master Stone was kept in Osgiliath, this was the most powerful of the stones in Middle-earth.

The palantír was kept under the "Dome Of Stars." Note that this Master Stone is different from the one located on TolEressëa.

The Stone of AmonSűl was kept at the great Watchtower of AmonSűl. It was the chief Palantír of the North. It was lost when Arvedui Last King was killed in a shipwreck.

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