Last,innermost layer of air around the world as per BoLT1.

“…gray and therein may the birds fly safely.

Details and Comments

Tolkien started working on the "The Book of Lost Tales" in 1916-17 during the First War, when he was 25 years old, but he left it incomplete several years later. Those writings - though very early and called provisional, however seem to be the only place where a very detailed description of the airs around the new world is given.

From Appendix: Names in the Lost tales - Part I:

Vilna - In QL the root VILI (without meaning given) has derivatives Vilna (changed later to Vilya) lower air, Vilmar dwelling of Manw- the upper airs (but not ilu)', vilin airy, breezy, vl gentle breeze. The words but not ilu refer to the definition of ilu in the sense of Ilw, the middle air among the stars (see Ilw). Manw's dwelling Vilmar is not named elsewhere.
The Gnomish names for the lowest air were Gwilfa or F- the latter is said to be of unknown etymology. The corresponding Qenya names are given in GL as F and Favilna, and these appear in QL under a root FAGA without translation, merely as equivalents of Vilna. Other Gnomish words are gwil- sail, float, fly; gwilith - breeze, gwilbrin butterfly: these correspond to words in QL under a root GWILI, wili - sail, float, fly, wilin 'bird', wilwarin 'butterfly'. Another name of Manweg as Lord of the Winds, Famfir, is given in GL.''

The detailed description of the layers of the air wrapped around the world was abandoned in the Published Silmarillion except for some brief mentioning of the Outer Ocean (Vai).

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