Zaran Krleza

Hi guys. I have been working on a personal kind of Tolkien encyclopedia which I would like to share with you and incorporate to your knowledge.

Hope we will be working together to make the best Tolkien central on the web.


Hi! Welcome to the Tolkienwiki! Any information you can add is welcome! For future information, the TolkienWikiProjects page has a list of all the pages which either need to be worked on or have been 'claimed' by various members as their current or future projects. The Beren page is one page I have been working on slowly for a while (I haven't added anything to the page yet, though), so I hope you do not mind if I edit and add to your entry when I finally have time to finish and post it. If you have any other specific pages you are planning to add to, please check that they are not already claimed and add them to your projects list on that page. I created you a projects list with the pages you have already worked on. -- GilMiriel

Hi Gil and thanks for the welcome. I am really sorry I didn't think that my action might cut off someone's procedure!! Anyway I hope what I wrote about Beren was close to what you intented to write and helped you a bit. Of course you are welcome to add your own information and I will be happy to have aided you to make a perfect essay about Beren.

The Beren page is not a problem, what I do have is not in any finished form yet. Also, thanks for all the information you've been adding! I have created a lot of pages over the last several months, but have not had time to go back and find more information for them. You are doing a lot of this for me! Thanks! --GilMiriel

Gia'sou and welcome to our WikiWeb. Please make yourself at home here, your contributions will be much appreciated.

Welcome again, Zaran. Is it okay now to delete the other page?

Of course

Okay, I just deleted your other Memberpage. Feel free to drop me a note if you have any questions or suggestions concerning the Wiki or anything else. You've made already a few very good pages, my congratulations. Holding the mousepointer over a name in "RecentChanges?" shows the connected ISP, the last two letters gave away that it is a Greek provider, which caused my guess. -- Walter

Hi, Zaran! Could you please go back to each one of the pages you've made and add at the bottom the indication of the folders to which the particular entry should go. To decide which folder to point to, please look at the left-side menu, enter "Folders" and you'll see the list.

Thank you in advance!!!

BTW, what nationality are you? LhunRoss

No problem, I am Greek, as Water guessed (I don't know how)

Zaran I hope you don't mind that I have meddled some with your pages and renamed/moved a few, mainly to set page links according to the existing naming system (c.f EditingGuidelines). You made quite a few good pages, btw. -- Walter


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