Vefántur Mandos
(redirection from Námo)

One of the mightiest Ainur that descended into the new world of Arda.

The Fantur of Death (as per BoLT1); a Fëantur - Master of spirits(as per the Published Silmarillion).

In fact, the name Mandos was ascribed to this Vala because of the place he dwelled in and which place was popular also as the Halls of Awaiting.

His real name was Námo.

He is the brother of Lórien and the husband of Fui (as per BoLT1); Vairë the Weaver (as per the Published Silmarillion), who

weaves all things that have ever been in Time into her storied webs, and the halls of Mandos that ever widen as the ages pass are clothed with them.
The Published Silmarillion; Valaquenta

He is the keeper of the Houses of the Dead, and the summoner of the spirits of the slain. He forgets nothing; and he knows all things that shall be, save only those that lie still in the freedom of Ilúvatar. He is the Doomsman of the Valar; but he pronounces his dooms and his Judgements only at the bidding of Manwë.
The Published Silmarillion; Valaquenta

The dwelling place.

Very vast were those caverns that they made stretching even down under the Shadowy Seas, and they are full of gloom and filled with echoes, and all that deep abode is known to Gods and Elves as Mandos. There in a sable hall sat Vefántur, and he called that hall with his own name . It was lit only with a single vessel placed in the centre, wherein there lay some gleaming drops of the pale dew of Silpion: it was draped with dark vapours and its floors and columns were of jet. Thither in after days fared the Elves of all the clans who were by illhap slain with weapons or did die of grief for those that were slain -- and only so might the Eldar die, and then it was only for a while. There Mandos spake their doom, and there they waited in the darkness, dreaming of their past deeds, until such time as he appointed when they might again be born into their children, and go forth to laugh and sing again.
BoLT1, The Coming of the Valar and the Building of Valinor


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