A magical drink of the Elves on TolEressėa.

Details and Comments

At meeting Meril-i-Turinqi Eriol learns about this drink, which by the words of the Elvish Queen alone can cure, and a draught of it giveth a heart to fathom all music and song.

He wished some of that substance.

There sat Meril and she gazed upon Eriol and said: 'Know you then what it is that you ask? ' and he said: 'I know nought save that I desire to know the soul of every song and of all music and to dwell always in fellowship and kinship with this wondrous people of the Eldar of the Isle, and to be free of unquenchable longing even till the Faring Forth, even till the Great End!"

It is peculiar to trace in the answer of Meril-i-Turinqi Tolkien's conception of the fate of the Children of Iluvatar - present even here, at the earliest stage of creating his mythology; a conception that was deepened seriously and in details in his later writings and one of the main ideas laid in very foundations of the whole myth of creation of the world.

"....But Meril said: 'Fellowship is possible, maybe, but kinship not so, for Man is Man and Elda Elda, and what Ilśvatar has made unalike may not become alike while the world remains. Even didst thou dwell here till the Great End and for the health of limpė found no death, yet then must thou die and leave us, for Man must die once. And hearken, O Eriol, think not to escape unquenchable longing with a draught of limpė -- for only wouldst thou thus exchange desires, replacing thy old ones with new and deeper and more keen. Desire unsatisfied dwells in the hearts of both those races that are called the Children of Ilśvatar, but with the Eldar most, for their hearts are filled with a vision of beauty in great glory."


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