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General Contents Description   

This page is supposed aid us in discussing the general purpose and eventually defining some "standardization" of the layout of Compendium pages. All ideas and suggestions are welcome.

General Contents Description    

I'm currently trying to define which information Compendium entries should contain (if such information has been provided by Tolkien, that is...), please feel free to add suggestions, comment and/or discuss this. -- Walter

  • Explanation/Origin of name
  • Race
  • Date of birth and death
  • Brief description
  • other names (eventually redirection pages thereof)
  • Essays, FAQs (or links to those pages)
  • Comments and Annotations (also Quotes and Miscellaneous)
  • ...


* Brief Description
* Tale of Years
* Line of Kings
* Events, Places and People
* Essays and FAQ's (or links to those pages)
* (Comments, Quotes)

Example: Rohan

Items, Plants, Animals, etc.

  • ...

Originally I had intended to keep the Compendium entries rather short and publish anything longer about a certain topic as an Essay/Summary (in the FolderEssays). The recent developments and discussions have somehow led me to question this original concept. Maybe it is better to have a brief and accurate description at the top of the page and something longer (like an essay) at the bottom of the same page rather than to have 2 or more pages on the same topic.

Your thoughts please... -- Walter

Walter, I've put up a little sample of my idea for Linking Pages on the Rohan test page. Only included a brief idea of what should go where, Tale of Years and so on, but let me know what you think. ~ Jay

Jay your test page looks really good. This would consolidate everything under one page. The bigger topics could more pages without much problem. DtC
I saw the Rohan Test page. Good! But this layout deffinitely presupposes the existance of separate essay/summary pages on the same subject, which Walter wanted to avoid. Besides, will you have this very same layout about.... let's say an object (a sword f.ex.)?

I was thinking about the layout and the general content and view of a Compendium page. IMHO, there should ..... must be some sort of a standard content and layout. 1/Content: a)a "short story" = "encyclopedia"-style; b) a "detailed story"(including summary about the subject of the page from various resources, as well as quotes etc.)(this, however, does not mean essays on the subject-related topics should not exist!But no summaries any more!); 2/View: font, size, layout etc. - I'd say the "a)"-part to be in one font and size while the "b)"-part - in another.

Another possibility is: Content - a)ONLY "encyclopedia"-style entry. This must be too of some standard structure.; b) link to essays and/or summaries. However, this will still keep the inconvenience of having more than one page on one and the same subject(as f.ex. The Palantíri (Walter's) and Of the Palantíri (mine)pages). LhunRoss

Jay, the Rohan/TestPage? is quite exactly what I had in mind. I meddled some with the layout (c.f. Rohan/LayoutTest?).

Lhun, of course the pages for e.g. Items will need a different structure than Realms, etc. As for the Essays about certain topics: if they are short they could be on the same page, if they are longer they could be created on separate pages, that won't be a big problem I suppose. And if someone really wants to provide another Essay/Summary of a topic where one already exists, it would not make much sense to hinder it, IMO.. -- Walter

I like very much how the Rohan/LayoutTest? page looks now. Lhun


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