From Thought through Love till Reality 2

''This is the First "Runner-up" in the recently held first round of an Essay Competition held at the TolkienForum, the Guild of Tolkienology.

The present essay is also the WINNER as the "Most Thrilling Story" on the contest-subject.''

The Moon was deliberately observing, wistful, entire, satisfied…

Morning it was. Dark it was.

The puff of Darkness brought an outfield poem, weaved of Emptiness’s thought and the hands of the visible. The bloody glow blew a new beginning, life of destinies and forethought.

Morning it was. Day it was.

Brightness’s buds ‘splinted upon facets of’ crystal water and burst into blossom among flood of greenery. Little dragon flies were born and transformed into fairy; and their spirits roamed and fed water and air with hope. Poppies and ardour leaves, liquid dreams and supernal grass revived in order to smell life.

Morning it was…and the birds came.

Trees clamoured, water overflowed; and we lived along Destiny’s improvident stream.

Noon it was. Dark it was.

Darkness brimmed, dominating over late shy morning and innocent noon. Darkness- beginning- mother and father of the Moon. However, magnificently it shone, burning the sorrowful ash and giving life to Beauty. And it smiled, laughed, loved( and was loved), praised, glorified, loathed…

Noon it was. Dusk it was.

Like a streak of lightening life rose; and near it walked Death and eternal and most beautiful it was. Beyond the transparent sky the Moon appeared, cloud- capped, veiled with clean smoke clouds. Noon- afternoon of progress, of spiritual development and… dead, faded beauty.

Sunset it was. Still bright it was.

The warm winter whithered and a black stream soughed .It banished perfection and severe, ugly it revived. Right and wrong, clean and dirty the Firstborn storm was sent by the Darkness- Darkness made of Brightness, Darkness of bliss, Darkness- lord of the morning, noon and dusk.

Evening it was. Brightening it was!

The last sunset passed and Night grasped the ground, water, air and time. It- unique our ruler, good and bad, ours and another’s. It - the one we see!

Midnight it was. Day it was!

Moon = Eru
Morning = From Thought...
Noon = ...Through Love...
Evening = ...Till Reality
Evening = Day


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