One Minute Wiki

1. As unregistered - or unidentified - user you can browse a WikiWeb exactly like you browse any other website. Just follow the links and surf!

2. Changing pages: Every registered user can change - almost - everything within this WikiWeb. If you are registered just click at the link "Edit" (or the somewhat more descriptive "Edit Text of this Page") at the left side of the page, edit the text-area and click the button "Save".

3. Registering is free, to register just click at the link "Preferences" at the left side of the page and enter your WikiUserName (please make sure it contains 2 caps, e.g. JohnSmith). Eventually make changes to the other settings as well, but in most cases they should work well as they are.

4. If you would like to check it out - after you have registered, that is - just go to the SandBox and give it a try ... enjoy!

5. Existing links can be recognized by an underlined word and new links can be created - while editing a page - by combining two or more words, each word starting with an uppercase letter, like SandBox or ExampleOfAnUndefinedPage?. After the page has been saved the newly created links have a ? at the end. Clicking at the ? then creates the new page.

6. What next? You could make an entry in the GuestBook or you could create your own Member-Page (see also CreatingNewMemberPage).

7. A word about safety: it is non-existent (well, almost). Almost everyone can do almost everything. One could just come here and write nonsense or delete the content of pages. But this happens only seldom and works only for a little while, because most of the contents can easily be restored. Don't worry about it, this is part of WhyWikiWorks.

8. Okay, I'm done lecturing, have fun here...

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