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How can I put a page into a folder?

Just add the name of the Folder (e. g. "FolderCompendium") to the page.

It is a useful convention to do this below a separating line at the end of the page.

What if I add more than one folder name to page?

Then the page becomes visible in all these folders. This is a pretty useful feature of the wiki system: you can put a page in as many folders as you like.

How can I create a new folder?

A folder is a normal page with a name starting with "Folder", e. g. "FolderTopicXyz". This makes it automatically list all pages that belong to this folder after the body text of the page.

It is common to start the folder page with describing the intended content of the folder, so that it is easy for other members to cooperate.

But why doesn't my new folder page show up?

To get the new folder listed when you click on "Folders", make it part of the "FolderFolders" (add this folder name in the usual way at the end of the page).


Folders add structure to the wiki. Different members might like to order pages in different ways. Go slow or try to make sure that there is an agreement before you make large changes or extensions to the folder system.

Please see also EditingGuidelines#Folders on this.

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