(redirection from Tar-Herun˙men)

(Ad. 'Lord of the West')

(II 2709 ľ II 2962; Ruled since II 2899)

Numenorean, son of Ardamin and 20th King of N˙menor. He turned away from the Valar and the Elves, and he was the the first King to take a name in Adűnaic, banned Quenya and persecuted the Faithful. His name annoyed the Faithful since it was a denial of the Valar and Manwe, the true "Lord of the West". His official Quenya name (never used) was Tar-Herun˙men.

Adűnakhˇr means, ‘Lord of the West' in the Adűnaic tongue; his name in Quenya was Tar-Herun˙men, which means the same.

He was born in the year 2709, and he ruled for 63 years until his death in 2962.

He was the first King to take the sceptre with a title in the Adűnaic tongue, though out of fear ... a name in Quenya was inscribed in the Scrolls. But these titles were held by the Faithful to be blasphemous, for they signified "Lord of the West," by which title they had been wont to name one of the great Valar only, ManwŰ in especial. In this reign the Elven-tongues were no longer used, nor permitted to be taught were maintained in secret by the Faithful and the ships from EressŰa came seldom and secretly to the west shores of N˙menor thereafter.

UT;III; The line of Elros;Kings of N˙menor

The Kings and their follower little by little abandoned the use of the Eldarin tongues and at last the twentieth King took his royal name, in N˙menorean form, calling himself Ar-Adűnakh˘r, 'Lord of the West'. This seemed ill-omened to the Faithful for hitherto they had given that title only to one of the Valar, or to the Elder King himself. And indeed Ar-Adűnakh˘r began to persecute the Faithful and punished those who used the Elven-tongues openly; and the Eldar came no more to N˙menor.
LotR; Appendices, "The N˙menorean Kings"

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