Of the Sun and the Moon
(redirection from Moon)

Telperion bore one last silver flower, and Laurelin brought forth one golden fruit.

Yavanna gave the fruit and flower to Aulë and Manwë. Manwë hallowed them and, Aulë and his people built vessels to house them. These vessels were given to Varda that they may become lamps of the heavens, that outshine the ancient stars.

For the Vala remembered the Avari, and had not yet utterly forsaken the Noldo, and foresaw the coming of the Men. That these lamps of heaven were set out to light Middle-earth. And two Maia were chosen to guide the Lamps.

First Chosen was Arien. In the days of the Trees Arien tended the Golden flowers on the gardens of Vána, She was mighty and feared not the fires of Laurelin being ever a spirit of fire.

Next came Tilion, he was a hunter of the company of Oromë and his weapon was the silver bow. When he was not at the hunt he sought rest in Lórien by the pools of Estë. Tilion begged to be given the task of tending Telperion's last flower.


Other names of the moon:
named Isil The Sheen by the Vanyar, (this is in Quenya, contains 'sil-', shine, with white or silver light)
Called Rána The Wanderer by the Noldor

Other names of the Sun:
named Anar in Quenya
called Vása, The Consumer, by the Noldor

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