Quenya. 'invention'

Vala, one of the Aratar. Aule fashioned the substances of Arda, rock and metal, and he is master of crafts. He dwelt in central Valinor with Yavanna, his spouse. He was the builder and inventor of the Valar, delighting in skill of hand, knowledge of substances and jewels, not as possession or riches, but as beauty and smithery. He constructed the lamps of the Valar, Angainor, the chain of Melkor, and the vessels of the Sun and Moon.

In anticipation of the coming of the Children of Ilúvatar, Aule wanted to create a race of his own, the Dwarves. Ilúvatar was not pleased with his impatience and scolded him. Aule repented and surrendered them to Ilúvatar's will, since he didn't desire mastery over beings without life. Ilúvatar, pleased by his humility and good will, blessed the Dwarves with life, and put them to sleep till after the coming of the Firstborn, the Elves. Of the Elves, the Noldor admire Aule most and became his students in smithery and craft, Feanor being his greatest pupil.

Aule and Melkor were alike, since both were gifted with knowledge of substances and craft. Maybe that's why two of Aule's Maiar were seduced. Sauron was a servant of Aule before been seducted by Melkor and this also happened with Curumo, another servant of Aule. He was sent in Middle-earth as a Wizard and became known as Saruman but later he in turn was seduced by Sauron.

It is said that in the End, after Dagor Dagorath, Aule will summon the Dwarves to refashion the World again. Aule in his own tongue was called A3űlęz, which was the source of his Quenya name. He was called also Maker and Smith, and Friend of Noldor. The Dwarves call their maker Mahal

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