The mythical character to represent the Day in the earliest mythology of Tolkien.(as per BoLT1)

Details and Comments

He was one of the three brothers that appeared in Valinor and the Valar never had known them from before.

From BoLT1; “The Hiding of Valinor”:

Now those men were of strange aspect, seeming aged beyond count albeit of strength untamed. And one that stood at the left was exceeding small and short, and another amidmost of middle stature, and the third was long and tall; and the first had short hair and a small beard, and the other's was neither long nor short, but the beard of the third swept the earth before his feet as he walked."

Danuin was the smallest one.

Danuin came forth and spake to Manw, saying: "Behold my handicraft!", and none knew his intent, for his hands were empty. But when the Ship of the Sun returned then went Danuin to her stern, and laying his hand thereon he bid Ulmo draw her, as was his wont, over the waters to the Door of Night; and when Ulmo was gone a little way from the further shore of Valinor Danuin stepped back, and behold Ulmo might not draw the Sunship further, not though he put forth all his strength. Then were Manw and Ulmo and all that beheld afraid, but Danuin after released the Sun and went from among them, and they might not find him..."

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