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After Celebrimbor made the rings he gave Vilya and Narya to Gil-galad and he gave Nenya to Galadriel.

Gil-galad gave Vilya to Elrond when he establihed Rivendell, And Círdan received Narya after the death of Gil-galad.

Círdan gave Narya to Gandalf when he arrived out of the West to help him in his fight against Sauron.

Vilya: Gil-galad, then Elrond

Narya: Gil-galad, then Círdan, then Gandalf

Nenya: Galadriel

Sauron himself departed from Eregion about the year 1500, after the Mírdain had begun the making of the Rings of Power. Now Celebrimbor was not corrupted in heart or faith, but had accepted Sauron as what he posed to be; and when at length he discovered the existence of the OneRing he revolted against Sauron, and went to Lórinand to take counsel once more with Galadriel. They should have destroyed all the Rings of Power at this time, "but they failed to find the strength." Galadriel counselled him that the Three Rings of the Elves should be hidden, never used, and dispersed, far from Eregion where Sauron believed them to be. It was at that time that she received Nenya, the White Ring, from Celebrimbor, and by its power the realm of Lórinand was strengthened and made beautiful; but its power upon her was great also and unforseen, for it increased her latent desire for the Sea and for return into the West, so that her joy in Middle-earth was diminished. Celebrimbor followed her counsel that the Ring of Air and the Ring of Fire should be sent out of Eregion; and he entrusted them to Gil-galad in Lindon. (It is said here that at this time Gil-galad gave Narya, the Red Ring, to Círdan Lord of the Havens, but later in the narrative there is a marginal note that he kept it himself until he set out for the War of the LastAlliance.)
Unfinished Tales: The History of Galadriel and Celeborn

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